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  1. I can't be entirely sure, so hopefully someone chimes in who has more knowledge; but the BK, even though dismissed, might play a role. If you get on the phone with an underwriter, be extremely kind and generous, almost overly polite to them. Ask them how their day is/going (bc nobody else has), etc. That has gotten me some headway, but not always. You have nothing to lose.
  2. I about fell out of my chair when the rep told me that. Never in my career of rebuilding has that happened. I've always had to fight to get approvals......call the backdoor, ask for several reconsiderations.....wait a week, try again....I couldn't believe it. Stick with it! You might be able to get some generous CLI's in the near future!
  3. Thanks, Occam! Is there a BT card you might recommend?
  4. NFCU $12.8k Scores in low 600's No history with NFCU. Brand new membership.
  5. 2 years ago I tried to join and they wouldn't let me. Never in the military. Tried the Navy Leauge route, they said they weren't allowing that anymore. So I said my grandpa was in the army and they took my word for it. Which was a true statement.
  6. To my amazement, I called NFCU, applied for membership, they opened the account right there. Then on the same call, I applied for a cash rewards card that has 0% BT for 12 mo. and was APPROVED for $12,800 at 12.99%. Whoa! I have a Lowe's card with a $13k balance at 28% and a Barclays with $12k balance at 27%. Should I balance transfer the majority of one card or 1/2 of both?
  7. Say a guy like me has all cards with balances near limits. For scoring, is it best to pay down one at a time while paying mins on the rest, or try to pay bigger payments on all every month?
  8. This makes you radioactive. Lose a few of those balances. What happened to your CU loan? https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=611775 You should PIF Lowes's with that first. Sometimes you have to go radioactive before you can go back to zero balances All kidding aside, I had some income not come which put me in a bind. They say when you're in a hole to stop digging. I am attempting to curb the high-interest charges that keep digging the hole. Your advice is paramount, and I am just trying to find ways to pay these down in big chucks to avoid closi
  9. I know a fair amount about the 401k loan. I would be trading the $9k at 28.49% for 9k at 3% to pay it back to my 401k. Trying to avoid closing these cards. The local CU is willing to give me a loan to pay off one of either Lowes or Barclays. But they want the credit card closed. Painful to think about since I worked so hard and long to get them up there. Trying to find ways to circumvent the CU loan. Not so much a budget, but limited income currently.
  10. All of the cards have balances. However, the 2 big ones, Lowes and Barclays, are at 15,300(26.99%) and 13,777(28.49%) respectively. Correct all is about ~63k A thought I had was to use the loan feature on my solo 401k which would give me about $9k to put towards one or both. I drew it out on paper and it is almost 6 one and half dozen the other if I put it all to one card or evenly split the 9k between both to pay down the balances.
  11. Curious if you have a trick or secret to using another lender to pay off higher credit card balances with high interest without them wanting to close the account. Score right now is 600 so balance transfer cards might be out.
  12. Does the balance chase stop at some point or are they going to chase me all the way to $500? It depends on the bank. Some banks will close your account after it's PIF. Those mutha truckers. I worked so hard. LOL!
  13. Does the balance chase stop at some point or are they going to chase me all the way to $500?
  14. Since I have opened my cards, the APR has been creeping up about 1/4% per month. Is that normal?? Also as I am paying down the balances, they are lowering my limit to follow.....
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