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  1. Was it the 6.0 that would fit as per Hollander Interxhange, VIN matched? Nope was a passing glance. Assuming if OP goes that route they do their due diligence.
  2. Junkyard engine and either teach yourself or find a hack on craigslist to do it. Around here labor for engine change is 750-1000. i saw one motor on ebay for 1900, you might find better locally. Otherwise find a beater for 500-1000 and park the junk until you're paid off. It'll be a money sink too because you can't pull insurance off of it without the clear title
  3. You can apply for borrower defense to repayment. Making payments does not prevent you from applying either, so you can start rehab with the CA at the same time as your apply for BDR. If you google "borrower defense to repayment fsa" you'll find the online app. You'll need to have specific objections to the school that you think you were misled or scammed or something like that.
  4. I'd post in HIBS Debt owed to the school is just normal debt they have no legal protections that come with a SL
  5. reports as line of credit. Last report date for me is 4/28 so must be near end of month or when the statement closes.
  6. Could letter be in response to ACDV and not your written dispute...stupid for them to reply to one when the other was received but who knows. Wait the full 30 days to see what you get
  7. Must of been waiting for cfpb settlement to be official before announcing
  8. https://www.privacyrights.org/consumer-guides/state-debt-collection-laws-and-publicationsis an external link on the front page but appears to be out of date
  9. were you late then got a forbearance, covering the periods when you were late? ED doesn't require an after-the-fact forbearance to remove late pays on credit. Better off w/ goodwill
  10. CLOC is now active after mailing back agreement. Any way to access it other than writing check? I did order book of line of credit checks. I can't find an option to transfer funds or anything
  11. Woah...sent app via email Wednesday night. Got a hard pull notification and a welcome email first thing this morning. Called, they have $200 bonus when you refi car loan so got a car loan and $15k CLOC all on one pull
  12. metro2 requires CL to be reported as initial loan amount (for installment loans) and balance to be payoff amount...change in reporting criteria.
  13. Just make sure you follow the instructions in the mailer exactly... Use that offer code or whatever and if approved you'll get the lower rate.
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