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  1. I am not sure exactly how to proceed. I have sent the validation letter for a paid medical collection. It has been 30 days and I received nothing back and they did not remove it. Do I send the letter to the Credit Bureaus now or do I send another to collection agency, or to both? Thank for any help!
  2. I think that you should expect to have your questions answered and if you are given incorrect information, go to a higher level. This person is probably working for cheap pay, but they are in the CUSTOMER service oriented business.
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  4. I disputed a medical collection through one of the credit bureaus. I received correspondence from the collection company that says "Please send us proof that this is not yours and it will be removed." I would think that they would have to prove that it is mine or remove it. I live in Texas. Any ideas on how to handle this or what my response should be? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. I got a Digital Federal Credit Union card with $3000 limit, pulled Equifax with 632 score. Got Discover It with $1000 limit. TU and experian are both 658 ish and I assume that is who was pulled. I have 7 inquiries on Experian and only 1 inquiry on equifax. Shot an app. to B of A and was turned down.
  6. I added smart credit for TU bumps. None yet, but only used for a few days. I added MPM to go with my credit secure, equifax, and credit karma. I had 14 enquires. I now have only 6, so the bumps have finally worked for me. A big Thank You to all on creditboards.com.
  7. Are you saying that we should not use the Equifax? If I use credit karma, AMEX credit secure and equifax, those all do not give me the three pullers?
  8. Robertw477, I am in the same exact situation. I do no use the smart credit for TU though. I was wondering what I am doing wrong as I have got no bumbs. I do use credit karma, AMEX credit secure and Equifax.
  9. Same problem here. I called and the lady told me that I needed to go to the myfico site and sign up. I assume she had no idea what she was talking about.
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    I have found several conflicting bump numbers. It looks like it takes 83 bumps for equifax. Is that correct and is that just soft pulls or does that include the hatd pulls. I have look and cant find the answer and just verifying that what I did find is still accurate. Thanks in advance for any help!
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