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  1. Yes they do BRBiz. I worry about that quite a bit in some areas that I go, but so far I have been lucky 99% of the time.
  2. Utilization can tank yours scores. Been there and done that. Work on getting them paid down less than 10% or paid off. You will see your scores go up some.
  3. As a contractor my self I seen right in the beginning that you hired him with a number off the top of his head( first mistake) I get customers asking me for a number just like that. I tell them I have a chart that I go by and couldn't give them a number. Some of them insist for a number so end up giving them one but its usually higher because I don't want them to say (well you said it would be this when we talked) I do that for that reason and I also tell them that those are not actual numbers for the job. You should always see a written estimate and job scope of work to be performed. Did you sign a contract? Depending on state you live in for laws of contract. In Illinois if I do not get them to sign a contract I would have know proof that you agreed on the job. Some states have verbal, but is harder to prove. In Illinois if I have a contract with a customer and they fail to pay. I have to put a lien on the property and send to collections. A lien is good for two years in Illinois from when it is filed. I have to either release the lien or take them to court to try and get money owed. It still stays on credit report for seven years unless its a judgment then I believe its ten years. I have never (knock on wood) had to take it that far. Check your laws in your state. He may or may not have any recourse against you.
  4. My wife had one for about three years and never did use it once. They did close it for no use, but they sent something in the mail letting her know they were going to close it if there is no usage by a certain date. It was closed.
  5. It's a good thing you don't live in Illinois or received it here because they don't send it to collections. They issue an arrest warrant if it is not paid by the date on the ticket and if you do not show up to the court date if not paid by then.
  6. Yep had that done from Wells Fargo here either. They pulled mine but not hers. Thought it seemed odd but guess they don't figure they need to pull the other.
  7. Can I ask a question about this? I'm not challenging anything you are saying and I don't even know what was said that shouldn't have been, but the whole B* threads are nearly 700 pages and go back many, many years. The pullers have changed but the process hasn't. Wouldn't this have been the same risk all these years in even having the discussion threads? I was thinking the same thing. Page 499 goes back awhile so they would have been on to it long ago. Again, just trying to understand how something said in the last couple of days could be so different than what has gone on for years. Sincerely, "Still Clueless"
  8. Investigate credit report: System unavailable The TransUnion Online Review Service is currently unavailable.We apologize for any inconvenience. As alternatives to this interactive online service, you may submit a request for investigation: By Internet By Mail By Phone ©2011 TransUnion LLC. All rights reserved. TransUnion.com Privacy Policy Terms of Use
  9. Softs from last week were b* off with softs this week. Pretty sure it's done. Hope some new ways come. I'm going to give it another week to see if anything changes. If not will be canceling services.
  10. Barclays just sent an alert score dropped down to 676. No other activity going on with reports except IQ. That blows. Was so close to 700.
  11. Went from one to seventeen goes back to 2013. Guess time to get pulling. Sc score went from 661 to 590. Smh

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