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  1. So I've had my target card since 2005 at $1000 limit (my CL reporting). Got the new pin card in the mail and finally decided to activate it over the phone. The automated system asked for my annual income which has gone up considerably since I got the card (never updated that with them) maybe they will increase the line in the near future? I'm just keeping it open for the age, and use it about 1-2 times per year and PIF. It will be interesting to see if the MC upgrade notice comes in the mail. Haven't seen it yet.
  2. Amex doesn't backdate anymore. They will change the date on your card if they can locate your old acct in the system, but they will not use that date when your new acct reports to the CRAs. Yup...and apparently that's a YMMV thing now, too. I was approved for two new Amexes last year, and they backdated my Member Since date on the account (but not to the CRAs, unfortunately), but when my wife was approved last month, they did not backdate her account at all. Might have something to do w/ whether or not your original account was closed w/ a positive or negative status. I don't remember what yours was, but I think your wife's was a CO, right? Interesting, I went through medical issues and couldn't work for over 18 months, had to file BK back in 2006. Sadly burned Amex, a few months ago I re-applied and was instantly approved for Amex Blue cash with a high limit. When I first logged in it said I was a member since 2016... now when I login and it now says member since 2002 on the website. I went onto the chat and asked that if they could change my card "member since date" to 2002. I explained when I log in it says 2002, but there must have been an error when my card was issued. Without hesitation they said they would be happy to mail me a new card with the corrected member year... I am doubtful it will backdate on CRA but at least when I look at my card it will say 2002, not a Huge deal, but you never know maybe some luck will come my way?
  3. My next in line is the Paypal. Started at 3k in Oct 2015. Has seen heavy use for the past 3 months. Pay it down twice every month. Has about $2500 balance right now. I am gonna PIF next week and ask for 10k on that one as well. Great, some recommend waiting until your next statement cuts showing a $0 balance before requesting a CLI. I have tried it both with and without a balance and never seemed to have any issues. Please keep us posted on how it goes. I would ask for $35k, they will always counter if not approved for the full amount.
  4. Congrats that's the way to do it. I did this with all my synchrony bank cards over a year ago. I haven't asked for an increase in quite awhile. I have had my Amazon card at 15k for over a year, use it often they sent me a letter and automatically increased the line form $15k ---> 25k. So I figured why not open chat on my lowes credit website. CLI chat requested $35k, line was already at 10k for about 18 months online chat increase ------> $35k APPROVED Yay!!
  5. Approved for Amex Blue Cash Rewards today for $20,000 initial line. I was on the BL for IIB back in 2003 (for $1600) I thought I would never get approved! Tried applying multiple times after my BK fell off my CR & denied every time! Today I figured I would try again very surprised, instant approval! I also pulled the trigger for their Gold Rewards PIF card and was also approved (only pulled EX 1 time for both cards). Happy to be back in. The 6% CB Blue cash preferred card on groceries is worth it since we spend about 400-500 a month at the grocery store. It will cover more than the small AF, waived for 1st year. So there is hope for others who have IIB. EX score was 789 from MyFico at the time of pull. I have other existing trade lines between $20-40k. I'm sure that helped with my initial CL being $20k.
  6. Thanks for the info, I assumed so. I'm going to just let it stay where it is, I wonder if they every Auto CLI on business accts?
  7. I currently have a US BANK Business Edge cash rewards card. Its been opened about a year. When you request a CLI did they pull your personal again?
  8. Clicked the LUV button went from $16.5 to $22.5k (+$6k ) not instant, took 2 business days to complete. No HP reported, no phone call. Not too shabby. EX 792 EQ 797 TU 794 Last CLI was about 6 months ago.
  9. Good info OP. I tried for the heck of it and doubled from 1k to 2k still my lowest CL I'm keeping it open because my wife uses it about every 60 days and the MVP discounts are worth it and always PIF before statement cuts. Account was opened in 2009. The age and the extra coupons it's worth keeping the account open IMO.
  10. Does anybody know if a Chase Ink business card reports to both personal and business credit reports, or just business credit reports? I just applied and was approved for $34k limit @13.49%, (been in business 17 years, MyFico was at 798 EX and 789 EQ when they pulled both). My Citi AAdvantage Business card is personally guaranteed, however it only reports to my business report. I was wondering if Chase Ink reports the same way? Thanks for the info. Thanks for the info
  11. Toys R’ Us card: $5k limit, my wife uses the card for the kids (PIF each month) the rewards are decent
  12. I've been stuck at $1k limit since 2006 - Just updated income financial information online, maybe they will give me a $100 bump (LOL!!!!!) I just cant seem to close it since it's helping my AAOA. But for now it is my smallest credit line. My largest is $47k, and I have 3 other cards above $30k
  13. Recently got a CLI from $30k to $35k without going to the EO. Put over $50k in charges and PIF over last 4 months. Business account. Had to call in for a manual review, the CLI button always said you have the maximum limit available on this card, but the Manual review did the trick. I did not receive a HP. I asked for $20k CLI but they only gave $5k. Account is 1 year old and I use t a ton because of the 2% Cash back business spark card. At least this is a step in the right direction.
  14. FYI, I hit the CLI button last week, Not instant, then when I logged back in a day later my CL had increased from 11k to 15k. But then there was a red alert saying "this account is no longer active" at the top of the webpage. I called Discover and said I never asked to close my account, they said they would have to investigate. 2 days later they called me and said it was a system error and they re-opened my account. Someone must have done a manual review and either someone closed it after granting the CLI or there was a system glitch and their computer systems closed my account after the CLI was approved. LOL, either way I'm glad the CLI was approved and now the account is open in good standing. I guess stranger things have happened before? But this was a 1st for me.

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