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  1. Thanks to everyone who responded. You've given us some great ideas and insight to the city. The comfortable shoe advice is a lifesaver. I think we now have a good deli, Italian restaurant and museum choice (the MOMA was already on my radar). We will do the 9/11 memorial as well. I was thinking the Rainbow Room for Sunday brunch but the Boathouse sounds great too - perhaps easier to get a reservation? Harlem will have to wait till next trip - but I'm intrigued that so many of you suggested a visit. CBer's are a smart and cultured group! Thanks again all!
  2. Thanks Indy, we will check it out on day one and report back!
  3. As the title suggests, hubs and I got 2 days in the city. Broadway show is in the works but otherwise open itinerary. We are staying in midtown Manhattan- W.48th. This is our first trip and we want to do everything but there's so much and so little time. So CBers give me your favorite restaurants, entertainment and activities for a short timer in town. Appreciate your suggestions.
  4. I bought a home with almost 100K in available credit without issue. I wouldn't use a lender that equated available credit as debt.
  5. Amateur credit unions come to mind - treating available credit as debt. I agree with getting credit before you need it, I've learned the hard way in the past.
  6. It is now FRIDAY! I don;t understand the hate. Comenity has been much better to me than many issuers, especially discover. What's with all the high-limit bashing - so what if it's Comenity? It's helpful for utilization. Period. Smart people use and PIF.
  7. Drink the Kool Aid. I did and I'm not sorry-love Costco!
  8. “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton
  9. I went from 3/15-11/15 without a single app-just CLI's. Then I ended the year with Citi AA and Virgin America. I started 2016 w/2 Amexs and 1BOA 99/500. Time to grow the crops for the rest of the year.
  10. I find the demographic shopping Costco in general less annoying than Sam's. But our' Costco is in Palm Springs and tends to have wealthier, older shoppers.
  11. Best.Movie.Ever. RIP Mr. Vigoda.
  12. LOL for real...WalletHub's TU skore is 613. My actual TU FICO is 726. Yeah, mine was WalletHub FAKO was in the low 600's and my TU FICO is at 696. Vantage rubbish.
  13. Me too, amusing. Ok fess up, who's messing with MF? Lol!
  14. I agree. And they pay their employees well, give them benefits etc and still have quality merchandise and great prices.
  15. Thanks for the info. Nicely formated - easy to see all the accounts/balances. That Vantage score is silly.
  16. virgin bumped to 29k. Very nice. I feel odd saying that about Comenity Lol! Wish I had a 29K line with anyone - even Comenity. Congrats!
  17. good point. I'll call and ask this week. thanks. I'm pulling for you Sir-good luck!
  18. Seriously? Can't 'ol Candy take care this? Aaron Spelling must be rolling in his grave!
  19. Well, I learned the hard way. I should not have gotten too excited to press things. Shoot first, ask questions later-lol! I just did the exact same thing with my Citi card-missed the HP part. Even after reading the thread on Citi CLI's! Hope you are successful. My card just arrived yesterday.
  20. OP mentioned 8/2015 in the BK thread. Less then a year. I've only had 5 statements cut and I see the CLI thing already. I always run it up and PIF...although "running it up" isn't too difficult with a $500 CL. I bet! But you're in with BOA and looking at a decent limit once it graduates. I'll be watching you and Minnie's progress. Mine is in the mail.
  21. OP mentioned 8/2015 in the BK thread. Less then a year.
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