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  1. I now have 3 cards with them. I've had the AAdvantage MC, that started with an $1400 limit in Jan 2017. I was just approved this month for the Simplicity(10K) and Costco Visa (9.5K). I will lay low for awhile and build the relationship.
  2. Received an increase today from $5500->$8500. Soft pull. Last increase was 12/06/2016. Love Citi.
  3. Thought of you and TD yesterday. All well with the family over there? Certainly didn't see that one coming. Yes, everyone is fine, thank you. Glad to hear that. Hope everything stabilizes soon.
  4. Thought of you and TD yesterday. All well with the family over there? Certainly didn't see that one coming.
  5. Yeah, I was gonna off my Dillard's too but it's still around. Never use it and no hope of CLI post Wells Fargo takeover. I did kill my Wells Fargo lame rewards card and felt great doing it.
  6. Wow - Big congrats on that nice limit!
  7. You and I apped about the same time, was wondering how it was going for you. Thanks for the update. I'm still waiting. Give them a call. They will let you know if anything additional is needed and walk you through the process. I'm impressed with the customer service.
  8. Received my welcome email this morning. I had some issues setting up my online account because I had opted out of LexisNexis. I had to resubmit my photo ID and a signature sample,then I was able to log on and complete my security questions. The whole process from application to account set up took 4 days and was pretty painless. The customer service was outstanding, with the last rep staying on the phone with me until I was completely finished with my online account set up. I'm considering making NFCU my primary bank. Thanks again to Konrad for the original post. You've really helped many in the CB community with this thread.
  9. This^ I've gotten nowhere with the "luv" button - always call.
  10. Also - to get the 1.74 I think they had a minimum score of 675.
  11. My BK was discharged in 2011. I joined DCU in 2012 and they exclusively pull EQ. I don't know if they will do an auto on the same pull as membership but I have financed a car with them and they were great to work with. Speedy approval, 1.74% with DD, painless process. I highly recommend them.
  12. Cap One secured. They might approve an unsecured-try their card selector. But don't apply for those subprime junk cards.
  13. Classic hatin' on cv thread. Reminds me that it's about time to try for a CLI with Nordstrom.
  14. Well as always I'm late to the party. I just applied, following the OP's instructions on the first page. I have read all 46 pages and I do not see anywhere that this membership method has become a victim of the CB effect, so I'm giving it a shot. Thank you again OP for this thread.
  15. My son has autism. I've heard so many different reasons why - from my pregnancy eating/age/stress/meds to my husband's old genetic material (he was in his 40's when we had our boy). And of course, our evil choice to vaccinate our infant. After 11 years, I'm pretty much over the reason de jour.
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