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  1. I have a situation that includes a cc debt the TD bank would neither validate or go to court for resolution. Instead they corrupted my credit report and left it at that. As I understand it, in the US before you bring a defamation lawsuit against the bank, it is best to request the CRA provide documentation on this account. Legally they have 30 days to provide this information or remove the account. Can anyone tell me if this applies to Canadian rules?
  2. Isn't it possible to send TU a letter asking them to provide information showing this account is accurate and actually belongs on your report. This way there isn't so much a dispute as a request in which they expend time and resources, within a limit 30 days to either respond or remove the INQ. Not certain myself but the more I read the more holes seem to appear in their structure. Hope this idea is helpful. Good luck.
  3. My name is Dan and I am from Ontario.
  4. Wading through a sea of information on credit card debt I came across "Credit Card Survival Guide' which thankfully led me here. eb
  5. Exeler18


    Hi and thanks for the welcome. I have been studying as much about credit laws as i can find knowing that most of the info pertains to US law. "Canadian challenges" is a very fine description and one I am glad to see. At this point in time I have asked my bank to validate some credit card debt and instead of doing that they posted negative stains on my credit report. As they are the original creditor it may be difficult to remove these stains however I believe the bank in question broke the law hoping I wouldn't find out. From what I understand, the bank or "original creditors" decision to not comply and avoid court means I was entitled to validation. Lawsuit aside, and in reference to my now less than satisfactory credit score, I have read that before going after the bank I must first request in writing that the credit bureau validate the information provided by the original debtor and that they have 30 days to conform. My problem is, this is US law, I haven't been able to verify this as Canadian Law as well. I am hoping someone there is able to enlighten me and if not that is OK to, as I will try and then pass the results to this board in hopes of helping others. Nice to have a place to go. Regards, Dan...

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