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  1. Mine started reporting before they'd sent the card in the mail.
  2. Treat a car like a house. Always go get pre-approved at a bank or CU. Never go to the dealer to get approved. That gives them the upper hand all the way around. The only thing the dealer should know about your financials is the name of the bank on your pre-approved check. That way you control the pulls on your reports and the deal you get. Sure they all count as one for scoring reasons but it takes some of the hassle out of applying for other credit over the next 25 months. You should take a look at getting a secured card at a CU. You don't need to put a lot of money on a secured card, $300 will do the same as $1000 as long as you watch utilization. This can difficult to impossible if your credit is bad. I don't disagree, but depending on where you are at in the credit repair process you may need the dealer to get you an approval for a rate less than the max. I just bought a used car for 11.49% for example (ouch, but I will refinance in the next year or so). The best pre-approval I got on my own was 16%. I'll take the 12 inqs over a rate like 16%.
  3. Congrats! How long have you had them? I'm on 1 month and waiting until 4 to hit the luv button.
  4. It could be a delay in getting it registered from the county - the last one I had done I had to get another temp sticker.
  5. Normally I would agree that it's not worth it - but just getting away from Santander would be enough for me.
  6. My bank cancelled my debit card (Home Depot issues last year) without actually sending me a new one. Well I was pretty upset, but since they are a local credit union I was able to get a hold of the actual local managers. I left a message on their Facebook after a terrible call with the customer service line, and the regional manager called to apologize. She had the manager of my bank print a new card at another location (they had a shortage of cards apparently), drive out to get it, and met with me the next day. When I got there she said all the right things I needed to hear to stay as a customer, and handed me a $25 Visa gift card. I decided to stick it out awhile longer to give them a second chance. So some bad mixed with good..
  7. Update - in the midst of all the cleaning up of this repo, they finally got an approval from Gateway One. Our payment went down a few dollars and we walked out 100% financed at the price the car retails for, and the apr is 11.49%. Now to work hard on this so I can refinance at some point
  8. APPROVING BANK Gateway One BUREAU PULLED EQ CREDIT SCORE EQ 599 EX 628 TU 618 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE TX NEW/USED USED Jeep Grand Cherokee YEAR OF VEHICLE 2012 MILEAGE 57k RETAIL/LEASE Retail AMOUNT OF LOAN 23858 ADVANCE PERCENTAGE 100% TERM CONTRACTED 72 APR/LEASE RATE 11.49 MONTHLY PAYMENT 461 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: We traded in a 2013 Hyundai Sonata, 4K upside down. We put down 2K and they took an additional 2K off the Jeep to get us to 100% LTV. It comes with a 60 day warranty - so that is nice. Scores are low due to a repo from 2010 (cosigned) that is showing as charged off and closed as of 08/2014. I have 6 perfect car loans in the past however.
  9. tabathad


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  11. Thanks - I'll try the DMV first. We've switched insurance companies since then, and I cannot remember who we used when he had the car (I kept the insurance on it since I was on the title).
  12. Follow up question - I'm going to start the WhyChat process asap, but it says I need the VIN#. I've lost all paperwork I've had on this since we've moved several times. Anyone have any ideas on how to locate that info?
  13. So pulled up EX to look at that again, and it's actually reporting correctly I think. So the only thing that changed between my last auto loan in 2013 and now, is that it's reported as closed as of 8/2014. Does that make that big of a difference?
  14. I've been working really hard to repair my credit, but in 2008 I stupidly cosigned on a car loan through Citi. They repo'd the car (I was never notified the payments were late or missed) July 4th, 2010. Sometime between the repo and selling of the car at auction, they also sold the loan to evil Santander. That's where my problem is now... I want to trade in my current vehicle, but I'm getting shot back at 18% because in August 2014 they charged the account off. My current loan is at 8.99 and nothing else has changed. It looks like the below - can they charge it off over 4 years after repoing it - and report that as a last payment? Should I dispute? Santander opened 10/2009 Balance $0 Date Updated 8/2010 Last Payment made 07/2014 Status - charged off date closed - 8/2010 date to be removed - 03/2017 It only lists 10/2009 - 07/2010 on TU and they all say OK! EQ and EX have all of the months from the repo until now as late
  15. Yes you get the 5% on the store card.
  16. This last time I had the same issue with TU and EQ, and when I got my reports none of that information was on them. There were some really random phone numbers, but other than that it was all my info. So it might mean nothing.
  17. I'm delurking after being around for quite some time. I'm glad I remembered this site And... I heard there were ponies...
  18. We bought a service loaner demo with 5000 miles on it for $5k less than a non-loaner new. I don't know if that's the average, but I wouldn't pay full price for sure.
  19. Ok.. well I was bad and finished out my mini-app spree with an approval for the Chevron gas card of $400. Going to put the apps down and behave for a few months to see where my score goes from here.
  20. Well, I've been lurking for a LONG time while I waited for my credit situation to improve. I wanted to apply for a secured card in the next few months, but was itching to apply for Walmart to get something moving in the right direction. Other than car loans, I have had nothing on my reports in the last five years (and no credit cards other than charge offs). I have 2 years until the remaining charge offs fall away, so I wasn't expecting an approval - my auto enhanced score on EQ (my worst report though) is 599. Walmart approval (store card) for $700 and Amazon (store card) for $600. I'm going to let these garden for a few months and evaluate getting the secured card then. I'll be happy just to have positive credit cards reporting on my credit for a change! Going in the right direction for the first time in a long time!! Amazon store card - $600 Walmart store card - $700
  21. I'm just barely starting in the rebuilding stages and planning on getting a secured card in the next few months. I put my info into cardmatch.com out of curiousity, and it suggests 4 different Amex cards. Last I checked my scores were in the 590s to low 600s (it's been awhile though). Has CardMatch lost it's marbles?!
  22. September of 2013 2013 Hyundai Sonata SE New - 5000 miles (it was one of their service loaners) 8.99% for 72 months with CarFinance Scores at the time were 575ish (But I have 5 positive closed car trade lines) $26k including extended warranty and gap; $1k down

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