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  1. It's ludicrous to believe that rich people need credit. The rich do not need credit, and many rich people afford things the old fashioned way: cold hard cash.
  2. I don't think so. I wonder if there is a way to buy 10,000 penny candies individually per month. That would $1,000 extra in your pocket.
  3. If you had a discover cash back checking account, you could have gotten 10 cents back for this.
  4. You can get in to NFCU no matter who you are really. It just depends on how much time and effort you are willing to spend doing it. If all else fails you can rent out some NFCU member's basement. NFCU has even told people to do this.
  5. See my response in this thread for a way in to NFCU: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=511420&page=6&do=findComment&comment=4872773 It's highly unethical, and you will also have to pee in a cup for your desired branch of the military. But it's a legit way to join NFCU.
  6. I live in PA. My wife took one non-credit evening photography course from HACC 2 years before I applied to PSECU and so I used that as a basis for membership. I had zero issues joining, no one even called. I have no idea if they checked the HACC records via some database or not. I do not think they offered online courses then, but worst case scenario is you pay for a "real course" and just do not show up. It's not like they are grading you for a non-credit course and you would be in the student database (and have a receipt) if you paid for the course. Claiming you are a student but are not really taking a course is fraud to many people and probably PSECU. You could do the same thing to get into Navy Federal. Just go sign up for DEP, tell your recruiter that you really are interested in joining the military, sign your DEP papers, sign up for NFCU, then tell your recruiter that you changed your mind and the military isn't for you. Voila, you are a NFCU member for life.
  7. I was reading the online reviews of Partners FCU, and let me tell you this is probably the best decision you can make. People say this CU has horrendous customer service, crazy security personnel who report people for "fraud" because they couldn't verify their employment, don't accept cc payment online unless its from their accounts, and they have the stones to put a 14 day hold on all new account check deposits and a 5 business day hold on all account check deposits. What a nightmare.
  8. The problem I have with this website is that it cannot even conceive of the notion that a person would want to bank with a CU out of state instead of a local CU. DCU, for example, does pretty much everything a local CU does but does it 10 times better. Certainly not all credit unions are equal to one another.
  9. I wish I could find more about their merger history. Apparently there have been more than a few mergers but the USA Federal one is the only one I could find in a search. How I wish I could time travel back to 2010.
  10. It shouldn't. Credit is based on scoring nowadays which is just a number that tries to predict the likelihood that you won't pay. Rarely do you find a business that will grant credit based on other factors but some credit unions may still do this.
  11. Most banks and CU's will let you make out these checks to yourself and give you the BT rate. I would guess that PSECU is the same. Then you can write a personal check to the individual.
  12. I got the Discover. I am not embarassed by WalMart. In fact, they could print WALMART in big bold letters all over it and I would not hesitate to use it anywhere.

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