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  1. Hi shifter, good to see you're still active on here OK I have an email that I've found <richard.fairbank@capitalone.com>? Is that still good?
  2. Sorry to bring this old post back. I'm in the same situation, but currently trying to bring the payments current. (by the end of this month). Can I contact EO to take the restriction off after its been current, or do it now? email or calling them?
  3. How do you view your Walmart FICO? I'm trying to look all over for it when logging into Walmart.Com into my account. Please HELP! TIA
  4. Just had a interesting meeting with a Transamerica salesperson trying to sell me life insurance. Has anybody on here ever bought insurance from them? Are they legit? Because it's sound like a pyramid to me. Anyways, it was interesting because it hit a nerve that I needed to get insurance for me and family. Any suggestions? I've always heard good things on term insurance vs whole. Also, the salesperson was telling me you can have more than 1 insurance, which I was shocked to hear because I thought you can only have per person?
  5. awesome!! can't wait to hit the 700 club in a few months.
  6. hello need advise on what to do? I want to pay a charge off from a credit union. It got sent to a collection agency so I contacted them and offered to PFD but they stated they can't do that. I got a hold of the credit union and was told I can pay it off, just need to go in and submit payment. But when I question what about the collection agency, the rep said she'll contact them to update the balance to zero only. What to do?
  7. UPDATE: (sorry so late, personal matters with life came up and I stopped working on my credit for awhile) EQ: Finally got deleted for both of the medicals after filing complaints. I think it was removed after a few months out of the blue. EX: Still reported on my credit file as a collections. No change. WhyChat: Hello, hope all is well with you. Thank you for helping me on this one This item won't be off of my records until 2016 but I would like to try again on the process. Should I start over again? It's only showing up on EX still. Let me know. TIA!
  8. Have an interview in the morning. Researched online and couldn't find anything good? Any one got a good, funny one to tell?
  9. gdale: A motion to vacate on a judgment that is already paid off will "for sure" delete it? I'm in the same situation as creditda875. (Sorry to sidebust, folks!)
  10. Yes, does a person have to start over when moving because what if there's CC's attached to that old address? That's where I'm confused at. Do I also change my address w/the CC companies then dispute the old address?

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