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  1. HA! Well can't wait to see what he has if he would like to share. I thought I read about 40 CC's.
  2. his limits lol. wow @ 7 digits. that's goals right there!!!!
  3. In order to get business funding your first step is getting a D&B #. That's FREE. Don't let them try to up-sell you anything. DENY IT. But in order to get a D&B you'll need to be legit business. Must be incorporated, city license, website, 800 and/or local number, business accounts, and listed. Use an address that's not a personal home address. Most creditors want the business to be separate from personal. If you don't have a business address, consider a virtual office. You can use www.regus.com or www.alliancevirtualoffices.com
  4. Nav for business right? Personal info is only for verification. You should be fine. They shouldn't pull your personal or SS#, cause they'll ask for D&B #.
  5. use a virtual office. to get business funding you'll need a legit address. not ups store box or po boxes.
  6. Try Crown Office Supply & Summa Office Supply. They report to all 3. Should give you the boost to get over 5 tiers. Good luck!
  7. I would love to know how many CC's you have now with limits? I remember awhile back you were in the 6 digits. Is that right?
  8. Hi shifter, good to see you're still active on here OK I have an email that I've found <richard.fairbank@capitalone.com>? Is that still good?
  9. Sorry to bring this old post back. I'm in the same situation, but currently trying to bring the payments current. (by the end of this month). Can I contact EO to take the restriction off after its been current, or do it now? email or calling them?
  10. How do you view your Walmart FICO? I'm trying to look all over for it when logging into Walmart.Com into my account. Please HELP! TIA
  11. Just had a interesting meeting with a Transamerica salesperson trying to sell me life insurance. Has anybody on here ever bought insurance from them? Are they legit? Because it's sound like a pyramid to me. Anyways, it was interesting because it hit a nerve that I needed to get insurance for me and family. Any suggestions? I've always heard good things on term insurance vs whole. Also, the salesperson was telling me you can have more than 1 insurance, which I was shocked to hear because I thought you can only have per person?
  12. awesome!! can't wait to hit the 700 club in a few months.
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