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  1. This is a follow up to a post the other day. I'm trying to buy a foreclosure property ...it could be my lifeline only I don't want to reveal this to H. Since it is in another county how likely would it be found out? Also where could I find an investor that would buy it and as soon as the divorce is final I could finance or whatever? I really want this property. Please give some creative ideas....I don't have any family so that won't work. Thanks
  2. I'm in the process of getting a divorce and have found a house to buy that is in foreclosure. This will be in my name only and want to know if there is a way that H can find this out and if so, how? This could really be my security. The loan will be a in house (will not sell) at the bank. Can I do this?
  3. I went to annualcreditreport.com and was able to pull up the other two but I can't find a place where TransUn lets you get a free one. Anyone?
  4. The number was changed...is there anyway to get the new one?
  5. Can an email address such as johndoe@yahoo.com be traced to the original person that owns that email? If so, how would one do that? This is nothing illegal...don't worry.
  6. If you do, can your name or number be traced back? How can this card be legal?
  7. call recorder card.com? They are for recording cell phone conversations. If you know about this please tell me all about how it works.
  8. from Verizon. All of them this red light that comes on and says the phone is being GPS or traced. Is there anyway to turn that off or any other suggestion for monitoring a phone as to the whereabouts?
  9. Verizon provides "call detail" (incoming & outgoing numbers) This can be pulled up daily. Everything was working great until July 12 when they accidentially suppressed the call detail. July is the only month that I can't get. They say there is no way to retrieve these calls. I can't believe that is true. It seems legally they have someway to retrieve these. What do you think?
  10. in touch with their legal department. Here's the situation.....They deleted my July detail call bill and can't retrive it. They admitted to doing it accidentally. But now I can't get my calls that were made from that month. I have been on the phone with supervisors for the past 2 weeks with them saying that there is nothing they can do. How would I find out their legal department or do you know of anything that can be done?
  11. and put in the number you want to call and it calls it and sends it straight to voicemail...no ringing. Sorry this sounds crazy but I can't think of the name of it.Anyone?
  12. to get the name of who owns the cell phone that keeps calling?

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