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  1. So i've been rebuilding for a while now. Decided to check my progress and apply for Amazon store card (because I use the crap out of some amazon) - APPROVED $700!!! I was SHOCKED because I have NEVER been able to get ANYTHING by GE I thought I was like blacklisted or something LOL. So I figured you know what? i'd like the Walmart card too - a little while later I talked myself into pulling the trigger on it..... APPROVED! $700.... So I got to thinking, I really want a Lowes card because I spend there quite often and would like the 5% back plus the promos they have. I pulled the trigger right after Walmart - got a message to call in -.....UH OH! DID I MESS UP????? i hope they don't like cancel the other two or anything. Its too late to call but I will call in the morning.....anyone else have this prob??? NOT trying to SPREE here I just wanted these 3 particular cards....im done for now!
  2. Has anyone had experience with Comenity in having a max number of accounts? The reason I ask is because during my rebuilding stage, I acquired the Avenue, Onestopplus.com, Brylane Home, King Size and Buckle cards. I received the shopping cart pre-approval on each of them. I wanted to go for the Sportsman Guide and possibly HSN - but did not get the pop-ups for pre-approval on them.....I decided to go on and do a manual apply at HSN (for mastercard) because I was ordering something anyway. Got the 7-10 day message...thought that was weird cuz i should have been approved....... So I decided to check a few other places....I tried to see if it would do it at several other places such as Victoria Secret, Express, Pottery Barn, Roamans and a few others...no pre-approvals...... FYI: I've had the accounts above open for over 6 months, close to a year on most of them. Always on time, I keep a very small balance up until this month I had to pay them down to $0. All my other credit has been paid on time for over a year - oldest account is 8 years, I have 2 unsecure CC a visa and a MC, only have a vehicle loan on all 3 but that's all the debt i have....its always been paid on time.....and the last time I had fico score it was 618 equifax and about 604 experian. Scores low due to past issues 2+ yrs ago.....Even still...i should be able to get at least a couple of those other comenity cards without problem... So I'm just wondering if I have been cut off due to having too many accounts.
  3. I signed up for USAA Premium and called in, had it changed over to the daily puller - but I'm not seeing it on my equifax report, does anyone know what the heading would be? I haven't yet received any b" after months of pulling.....EQ Complete, MPM, USAA and SC. Getting very frustrated.... USAA shows it's Experian branded, so I'm wondering if it's even pulling EQ at all.
  4. Okay so in the midst of my repair journey, all 3 of my credit files added a Fraud Alert note and apparently have blocked promotional access to my files. (So therefor no mail offers, no shopping cart trick, etc) - I wrote each bureau and asked them to remove this alert. They all 3 promptly removed the Fraud Alert Statement (MPM daily checking showed it disappeared) - So I thought everything was a go....well I still haven't been receiving any offers or able to do the shopping cart trick - and I've been able to do so in the past - so I requested a file since Equifax wont let me back door online for some reason....and the first time they said they couldn't locate a file for me (which I know I have one, trust me) - second written request i get a copy of it finally...and at the very top is: Alert: File Blocked For Promotional Purposes Written in bold letters.... Now like i said i previously wrote to them to remove it......anyone have any advise on getting this blocked file thing fixed? I'm not sure of the other 2 still have it on there but since I haven't been getting offers I'm assuming they do. I'm opted in by the way - and before this crap started I was able to backdoor eq, I was able to receive shopping cart trick and mail offers....almost every other day something was in the mail. - Not complaining about the crap mail not being in the box....but I was hoping something good would come along one day LOL
  5. I signed up for USAA premium but i only allows you to pull every 30 days? -
  6. For over 2 months now I've been with SC, EC and MPM - still no b* from eq or tu eq was my main mission.....if anyone knows another daily eq please let me know.... Any ideas?
  7. I'm looking for a bank/credit union that will report to all 3 where I can open a secured installment loan with a cd. I live in kind of a rural area and there aren't many banks. The two banks here I know do not report to all 3 because I've used both of them before. So I'm looking for a place that I can do this online preferably. I know that Well Fargo does this, but they have a $2500 minimum, which I can do if the need be, but I wasn't looking to do one that high. It's actually win win for me because I need an installment credit line - I don't have any and haven't had any in a long time. No car note or mortgage either. So when I applied recently somewhere one of the reasons I was denied was no installment account history. Plus it's kind of like saving money because at the end of the term I'll still have my CD - even though I'm paying a couple points of interest which doesn't bother me. The credit history and banking relationship would be much worth the minimal cost. I don't currently HAVE any CD's so I'll have to open one wherever I go to. I've tried searching for this and the only info I found was Wells Fargo like I said. So again what I need: - Ability to open a cd secured installment loan online - Preferably less than $2000 -That reports to all 3 bureaus
  8. My scores and report info are very similar to yours and Kay denied me 2 weeks ago..547 score...I was approved for firestone 800 highest cl Ive had in 8 years so I wanted a kay acct to buy a ring...was a no go...inquiries..time of new accounts...public record...time since delinquency and too many nagative tradelines..... However...shopping cart trick got me brylane home..avenue..one stop plus...king size..buckle (only one I will use) VICTORIA no go...express no go...sportsmans guide no go....I didnt do a hard apply but I didnt get the pop up Just my 2 cents
  9. Can anyone suggest a 3 report daily puller? I'm pulling mpm through eliminateidtheft. But I'll never hit b* at this pace.... I don't have an Amex and nowhere near qualified for one yet....so that's not an option.... I HAVE searched...several times....can't find anything relavent....we seriously need a way to delete outdated info here..... so if someone knows plz hit my back with the info...
  10. I have a judgement showing as a public record on all 3 from where I co-signed for someone and they failed to pay. I paid the original credit in full the minute I heard of any of this. It was only for about $800 so I wanted to pay it to avoid all this showing up negatively for me, which despite my efforts happened anyway. I have contacted the original creditor and asked them to remove it. They said they're not the one's reporting the information. So apparently it's being reported through the court system. I never knew of a hearing was never contacted in any way regarding one. The only thing I was told was that in January the person I signed for said they sent her employer a garnishment letter. However, the creditor says there was a hearing in Dec 2011 which at that time this person was living with me so I know neither of us received that information. I paid them in January 2011 the minute I heard of the garnishment. needless to say I don't want this on my credit report for the next 7+ years. I've disputed it with all 3 and it came back as verified. Any thoughts on how to rid this from my reports?

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