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  1. That wasn't the question that was asked of you. Do you have a physical, paper title for the car in hand?
  2. After many years of tossing the idea around, I've committed to pulling the trigger on a 2014/2015 GT-R: rates are great, prices are reasonable (for what the car is), income/stability is good (275 personal, 417 household), and most importantly I received lukewarm approval from the wife Been a customer of both DCU and Logix for almost two years; have a CC with each ($5k and $15k, respectively; no utilization) as part of my rebuilding process. Applied to both online for $80,000: DCU: No instant approval; received acknowledgement email that evening. Next morning received approval email
  3. Alternatively, get a new HELOC, or a huge limit card and balance transfer? OP didn't ask if the utilization counted for anything, s/he asked how to reduce it. Got it - I think interpreted an insinutation that OP felt utilization of HELOC was lowering EQ/TU
  4. I thought HELOC utilization didn't count? Alternatively, get a new HELOC, or a huge limit card and balance transfer?
  5. Sounds rough - right now you can purchase from AA for $0.0196/mile (100,000 purchase + 50,000 bonus for $2,950).
  6. For the OP - I will share I had a very similar experience when I was in grad school (I have a few threads on here from 2003-2004 when it all went down) Details are a bit fuzzy now, but if I recall correctly, my student loan disbursement was late and on Day 6 there was a Intent to Evict notice taped to my door. Went down to the office, negotiated to have them withhold forwarding the action onto their attorney if I paid in a couple days. Later in the week, went down and paid with Certified Check - was told they would withdraw the file from being sent to attorney's office. AZ is very pro-landlo
  7. Hey - remember that time when the thread started that had a few nay-sayers because of 'their' experience banking with Chase and OP provided documentation to support his thread, then nay-sayers never came back around (or acknowledged they were wrong, or could be wrong). Yeah - those were good times. Place is starting to become a TMZ gossip column and less helpful with each passing day.
  8. Learn something new everyday
  9. I'd they requested a 4506 I would be screwed Income went from around 35k to 98k or so How would 3x income increase screw you?
  10. "Lots?" One. Someone historically had an issue with another lender, who recently updated that his account is not closed, rather, "Under Review". FWIW - card arrived yesterday, works fine. Quack,
  11. I'm impressed that the Amex is a priority worth posting about given where you are/what you're doing
  12. Note to self: card that's loose with limits and favorable APR is not CB worthy if it pulls EX, has an AF that amounts to pocket change, and doesn't have a Inspirato-style rewards structure. Things certainly have turned the corner here in recent years.
  13. I would recommend pictures of the transaction
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