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  1. If you have an Amex Blue Cash Everyday and upgrade to Blue Cash Preferred, Amex will bill you a prorated annual fee based on the months left in the current calendar year. However, according to Amex chat reps, you will still get 6% cash back on up to $6000 of grocery spend for the remainder of the calendar year after the product change, regardless of the prior spend on that Amex account during the current calendar year under either the Preferred or Everyday product types. Hmmm. :)
  2. I tried to load a GoBank card at Walmart (Atlanta) today with a $500 US Bank VGC. The VGC was debited, but the transaction to load the GoBank card did not complete. The cashiers at the WM Money Center said that they had been having trouble with reloading prepaid cards recently. The cashier went to get a yellow shirt, and then opened the drawer and gave me $500 cash instead (without me even asking for a resolution). While I was waiting, I called the VGC number and verified that the $500 had indeed been deducted. Has anyone else had this situation? The reason I ask is that I have not being M$ing lately. The last time I did this was six months ago at the same Walmart. They had the same problem. However that time they did not acknowledge the VGC had been charged (and I did not find out until I got home). In that situation, I had to spend several weeks dealing with Walmart corporate to get my money back.
  3. Is it pending or posted? If pending it may just fall off be itself. It is posted as a purchase (not pending). I went to WM and spoke to a manager at customer service (largely unhelpful, as expected). She did not investigate their store logs, but said the VGC should be refunded in 5-7 business days. I am planning to give them 7 business days and see if the refund posts to the VGC. Unless anyone else has a better suggestion. (Call Walmart corporate?)
  4. Yes, I'm sure. I checked the balance and changed the PIN immediately before going to WM. The only transaction listed is from WM at the time I went there Thu. The VGC is not compromised. The mistake is definitely on WM's end. I've had it happen it Sucks!! Took 4-5 days then my money was back on G/C Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro Thanks for your response. Did WM refund the money to the VGC automatically? Or did you have to go to WM to initiate the refund? (If so, how? Customer Service desk?)
  5. Yes, I'm sure. I checked the balance and changed the PIN immediately before going to WM. The only transaction listed is from WM at the time I went there Thu. The VGC is not compromised. The mistake is definitely on WM's end.
  6. Hi all, I went to WM money center Thu to reload my GoBank card with a USBank VGC. I tried it twice and the cashier said it did not go through. They did not give me a receipt. No money posted to my GoBank account. I checked the VGC balance today, and WM did actually remove the $500 from the card. So they are sitting on my $500. What is the best way to get my money back from Walmart? I'm guessing I have to go to customer service, show them the VGC, and have them trace the transaction and determine they took my money and never sent it to GoBank. Any other advice or experience? Thanks in advance.
  7. My Serve opened in May 2016 is still alive. Here's how I use it: - numerous small real swipes - real DD of $200/mo - two "cash" loads/month of $500/ea - billpay check mailed for "rent" - never ACH back to checking My statement transactions look somewhat like a real checking account. Small scale, but useful for hitting min spend. And still alive (for now).
  8. No. I've been denied every time I tried at 31 days (since the 17-day run in summer 2015 ended). I haven't tried prior to 31 days -- 42/43 seems to be the most frequent CLIs I can get.
  9. Date Days CLI Limit 1/31/2015 1300 approved - no open individual TLs 4/17/2015 76 500 1800 5/7/2015 20 500 2300 5/24/2015 17 500 2800 6/9/2015 16 1000 3800 9/8/2015 91 1900 5700 10/23/2015 45 2900 8600 12/9/2015 47 3000 11600 2/10/2016 63 5800 17400 TU clean 3/24/2016 43 6500 23900 5/11/2016 48 6500 30400 6/30/2016 50 6500 36900 8/11/2016 42 6500 43400
  10. Sorry totally glanced over this since the last time I read through this AARP might be the best all-around for this situation AARP or UMB - 3% on either.
  11. No. I have a $5000 line, and $20k-$36k on most other cards. But $5000 is totally sufficient for a $1500/quarter spend cap on the 5% categories.
  12. I wonder how the total US credit card revolving debt stats are reported. I suspect it is the same as what the CRAs and FICO see -- statement balances, regardless of whether people PIF or revolve debt. Does anyone know the answer? (The official data series are available from the St. Louis Fed's FRED resource.)
  13. Generally, public records stick around forever. For example, I got rid of all evidence of my fed tax lien on LexisNexis, EX, EQ, and TU. But anyone who went to the relevant courthouse can still pull the filing, release, and withdrawal documents in perpetuity. I suspect the same is true for the OP's case. Glad to hear the case was dropped.
  14. Who is the CA reporting? Are you sure it wasn't sold to a JDB?
  15. AARP is the simple answer (1 card). Or UMB Simply Rewards (3% on groceries, gas, dining) The complicated answer is to also use the quarterly 5% cards: - 5% on gas in two quarters - 5% on dining in three quarters - Chase Freedom: Q1 gas, Q3 dining - Discover it: Q1 gas, Q2 dining - Nusenda Cash Rewards: Q1+Q3 gas, Q2+Q4 dining
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