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  1. It seems that my father is eligible for full USAA membership and I through him. Since he has not purchased any insurance products from them I am not yet a full member. Was wondering, does anyone have any suggestions about the cheapest and fastest insurance product that he could purchase to fully qualify for USAA products? I could then simply reimburse him the hopefully small amount. Betting someone else has been through the same runaround
  2. Nope... I know from experience Amex, Penfed, BofA, and a few others will let you have more than you make in a year... Mostly smaller players that can't absorb as much risk will use a 50% guideline. Citi has been the exception for me... they have me stuck around 50%.
  3. Woohoo I'm a whore! Definitely over 250k even though I just today closed most every account under 10k. With several CUs in my arsenal I can't help but give the finger to the less than nice banks. I need to increase my income so I can be a CP
  4. They gave me 50k with a 45k income that they had on file... I'm not sure I ever provided docs for them. With your income they won't INITIALLY approve 50k, but it's doable over time. Apply for an amount that you think will be approved. Since your biggest limit is 2k I suggest 5k. Use it and PIF to show responsibility. After 60-70 days ask for CLI online to a good bit higher amount once the trust is established. In my experience Penfed is extremely conservative until you have history with them. Then they become quite liberal. Think of them like a "nice girl"
  5. I don't recall reading of anyone getting a CLI at activation or an auto CLI, but perhaps I missed it. They do not have a luv button. Awww dang. Thanks, Curious.
  6. Have Penfed, NASA, Alliant, UFCU, USAA(stepchild)... I'm trying to focus on the majors that have potential to offer generous lines. What is the next major CU whose plastic I should covet? Help me pass Hegemony's diversification test
  7. Applied a few hours ago. Instant pull and automated approval. Yeah, I'm beefing up my CU portfolio myself.
  8. Ahhhhh interesting. I will have to read up on where I got the 6-12 months notion from(probably thin air).
  9. Perhaps they pulled Chexsystems or something similar? They pulled EQ when I opened the savings.
  10. Thanks! Yepper. I'm shocked that I'm not yet among those with the cut Amex limits. 61k is a good bit more than my salary!
  11. So I was a bad boy earlier and applied to get in with Alliant CU. I HAVE to stop doing that because I'm considering house hunting in 6-12 months. Anyways, I originally intended to join only and not apply for credit but they gave me a preapproval for a $7500 rewards card and I accepted. I never filled in income so it must be only score based. Does Alliant have a practice of CLI@activation? Do they have a "happy button"? Are they generous with auto-increases if I show it the love? These guys have a 100k max and Penfed needs competition(muhahahahah).
  12. Congrats, Penfed is my favorite financial institution BY FAR. If your parents were ever military I would give USAA a go as well.
  13. I can't recommend Penfed highly enough. I switched my direct deposit to them from BofA. Penfed has the most fair system for overdrafts I have ever heard of. NO fees like BofA would charge. They treat the overdraft as a loan and you pay only the interest on the loan. They also make transfers from other banks available IMMEDIATELY rather than waiting 1-5 business days. I keep a free BofA account around for misc bank services though since Penfed isn't local. BofA has the best free deal I would say. I have a Chase CC, but not their checking and I think that BofA's phone representatives and website
  14. Last Discover BT checks I was mailed had a fee associated with the offer...read the fine print.
  15. Thanks guys rabbit, I don't know about the automatic increases, but if you have a good relationship with them a hard inq tends to be way more than worth it if you're having a hard time waiting I hit the button after a month or so...
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