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  1. They suck !!!!! I hope my 3 accts won't hurt me too badly when I finally get approved fpr a mortgage in "somedayland" !!!
  2. The best advice I could offer you at this point would be to direct you to the "newbie" section, and tell you to read,read,read! Therein lies the foundation to cleaning up your vredit the safe, and correct way according to the laws. Follow them and you won't be steered wrong imho. This group of people are amazing, and are more than willing to lend a ear to help, but you need to do the leg work, and make the most out of the information that is posted here, especially in the newbie section. I don't recommend jumping ahead in the posts to speed the process along for you never know what really important lesson you may have learned that could have saved yourself a ton of work, but skipped instead and now there isnt any going back to erase any damage you may have done to yourself, or more actually your credit repair process. Just read read read until you can gain a full basic understanding of this process, and above all learn the FDCPA,FCRA,FCBA, all have links in the newbie section. Good luck!!!
  3. That name is ringing a bell in my brain, just can't pick out the information yet....I will see what I can find out about them.
  4. It should not start reporting time over. The account is already c/o. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> We settled one of the 3 accounts w/ crap one last year, and it was the worst mistake we ever made, it is still reporting quite negatively as a " settled for less than the full balance, charge-off" YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!! Unless you can pay in full for deletion and getting that agreement writing from them, I don't know what we can do as I am just embarking on the mission for that much needed solution, any ideas moderators ?
  5. Hey everyone my dh also has 3 old CRAP one accounts w/ $300 limits that have also grown to well over a thousand dollars each, without a single statement in years. They make me so frustrated ! I only see the reflection through the credit reports. We definitley need to figure something out here, they are also among the last worst things reporting, however unfortunatley for us they are still well within the SOL's. Agghh....just keep plugging away everyday !! Will let you know if I find anything. Have a great night anyway !
  6. I am thinking this is definitley still reporting, just very erroneuosly!! But I could be wrong, I don't swear to know it all lol!!
  7. Hey just wanted to update the thread ,and let everyone know my DH just received his letter from Citi financial. They also offered him the free 90-day identity guard, I agree it is definitely not enough by far, very far. I am calling first thing in the morning,will update the outcome to you all. See you then
  8. My dh has a citifinacial account, I haven't heard anything about this !! I am completely in the darkcould someone point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!!
  9. Actually I just found out it is a 600 score the bank agreed to for 100% finacing after reviewing dh credit report. It keeps getting closer and closer!! Thank you credit boards !!!!!
  10. My best friend recently began working ofr this company as a mortgage loan officer {new to the feild) anyway I figured I would let her try to run my numbers to see where exactly the problem lies within my credit report, and my financial status that is preventing us from obtaining a much needed mortgage. I learned here on the boards that in PA you need at least a 580 fico score or above for an approval, this company says that in PA you need a minimum of a 500 fico score ? They pre-approved us for around a little over a hundred grand. They told me to start shopping seriously for a home, and would give me a pre-approval certificate (wells fargo would not give me that cert in January}. The interest rate is 7.25 % which is a little high but we can live with it until we are able to refinance at a later date. DH's scores are 568 553 557. The approval is for 90/10 finacing, and the company advised me that with a 575 score we can get 100% finacing....that is only 7 points away. That could change everything for us before closing so we can get a better deal from my own understandings and readings. Can this be real???? I am so afraid to be excited. I know everything and anything can happen before a closing to ruin a deal, but is this a true possibility??? Please help !!!!
  11. The only way I would settel with an OC is by using a pay for deletion letter. This past year my DH and I settled w/ CCB, and CRAP 1 for less than the full balances, and that is exactly how they are still reporting very negatively I might add. Alos they are still charge offs even though I paid them. My advice is DO NOT DO IT UNLESS YOU HAVE IN WRITNG BLACK AND WHITE INK THAT THEY WILL DELETE THE TRADELINE FOR PAYMENT. Does anyone disagree?
  12. Thanks Frisbee that was kind of you to offer, and you are correct they never notified us, and to make things worse keep raising the amount of money owed it went from being reported as 10,800.00 for the past 6 years to in March this year one CRA is now reprting at almost 14,000.00. They have some nerve never even told us what was done to the vehicle. I will definitley check out the automotive forum. I contacted the one existing Fleet company in NY using the repo letter and they sent me a letter stating they were sending it to the department that handles repossessions, and have yet to hear from them it has been about 3 weeks now.
  13. Well the address is the one they gave when I disputed the tl with the CRA in the first place last month this is the information they supplied me with. I guess I will send the PR letter but I am getting sick of this runaround they force us to do when they are qrong completely to begin with ya know !! I am sorry I am just getting incredibly frustraded as of late !! Thanks for your input it was useful
  14. I sent the "whychat auto repo" letter to the two separate addresses for the same Fleet Bank { they are from two separate states NY & NJ} that are illegally reporting this debt and it quite overly inaccurate amounts; also they are using two separate reporting amounts to the different two CRA's}.Trans Union has already it from their reports the problem lies with Experian and Equifax. The letter to the NJ bankl was returned as undeliverable, should I send a copy of the returned letter to the CRA that is reporting this TL? Please any advise is appreciated sooo greatly. I know this credit clean up along with policing our own reports takes time, and does work but sometimes I just feel like screaming til my head pops off, especially cause it is 90% erroneous reporting in my 10 page long reports......Well I will just keep plugging away lol Thank all of you who have supported me these past months I never would have survived without your advice.

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