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  1. First, I would talk directly to the surgeon who promised you this deal...... let him know what the PT did. I'm going to ask the admins to transfer this thread to the medical billings forum Sorry for the "bait and switch" Yes, send a letter to the therapist with a copy to the referring surgeon , include this phrase: I reserve the right to take appropriate action against ( name of therapist) and his agent ( name of CA) for slander of credit. And to file appropriate complaints with the ( name of your State) Medical Board, Consumer Protection Bureau, the FTC and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the OCR for violations of the HIPAA privacy rules. In the meantime, take these steps to clear it off your reports. http://www.whychat.5.../GUIDEBOOK.html I did speak with the surgeon and he said that he was only trying to help. This referral was all verbal so I have nothing to fall back on. Thanks for the pointers, I am sending the letter out today.
  2. Yes it is still an issue or at least something that causes embarrassment when I have to explain. Not on the list of things that I originally mentioned in my post but the latest one was when I went shopping to get term-life insurance. I had to explain it all. Just so tired of the darned thing. My gripe is if the home owners are getting laws passed to help them even if they are in trouble why not reduce the period this CH7 it stays on one's forehead. And Yes, I am in IT and I frequently consult the in the financial industry.
  3. I am in the same boat with a chapter 7 BK from 2005. Not a single month goes by when it does not come back to haunt me. Be it a job app, background check or a credit app And I am sure there are more occasions that I can't think of. The rest of my credit reports are crystal clear. No late payments. Good balance of credit cards and loans. Just the right stuff except this one ugly looking chapter 7 thing. I noticed not many people replied so there probably is no way but to wait another three years.
  4. Last year, I had a foot surgery and as a result needed physical therapy. My husband had just gotten a job after long unemployment and we could not afford this luxury of physical therapy due to high copay. The surgeon told me that he knows someone who will waive the copay and that I must undergo physical therapy.. (I think waiving the copay may be illegal) but anyhow given our circumstance, I agreed to see this therapist. The co-payment was about 270 for six visits. The therapist told us that we will work something out and then never demanded copay during our visits. After a few months, I got a bill from this Therapist for 270. I wrote him a letter explaining that I am attaching 10% and request the rest to be waived. He quickly cashed that 27 dollar check and then turned over the rest to a collection agency, who reported it to the CRA's resulting in an average drop of 60 points in my credit score. Since there is not a whole lot I can do, I plan on sending him a letter that I am reporting him to BBB and being a computer person, will set up a page that will come up on any query or search on him and expose him. I am so angry. He used bait and switch, lied and then proceeded to ruin my credit. Would my steps to defame him be unethical? Seems like I have limited or no choices. But I want to do whatever I can so that he does not do it to the next person. Thanks BTW, since my husband had gotten the job, we paid all other copays and what not... but in due time, slowly but surely we did pay it all.

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