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  1. I love my Sallie Mae MasterCard from Barclays. 5% gas (including 7-11 stores), 5% grocery and 5% Amazon. All the time. Not rotating categories. Hard to beat. Something I use as my primary go to card. Amex simply cash for all business purchases. 5% office supplies, cell phone, FedEx, 3% shipping (usps, courier services), 1% everything else.
  2. Yeah same here. I have 7 hard inquiries, this morning it says 0. Logging back in now to move it up some more .
  3. I wish I could get a Chase ink cash or other business card with minimum $25k limit for my needs but as posted above, my highest non personal credit reporting biz card is only $5k. Can't do much with that. I guess I just have to wait a few more years and max out my personal side. Oh well.
  4. I'm interested in this also. As of now, I was thinking about taking advantage of my Cap One Quicksilver's (I have $30k limit) 0% for 18 months, 3% balance transfer fee to purchase CAD equipment ($20k) for my business. I currently have Amex simply cash with only $3k limit, Amex blue business with $5k limit. I went on Amex website to check my 'spending power' and apparently they will 'temporarily' extend me credit to purchase. So, I was thinking about using my 2 Amex biz cards to purchase (this will hopefully raise my credit limit in the near future), pay it off immediately with cap one balance
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