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  1. It happened in June. I haven't been contacted by anyone regarding this account which was why my LO told me NOT to contact them at all. She mentioned if it became a condition, we would fix it then. I just re-read my loan application and yes, it does have a section where you are required to disclose. I don't recall ever having been asked this question and the application was mostly typed by my LO and she indicated "No" for that question - we did everything through the mail. We have already signed everything and returned, and have been in underwriting since Tuesday. If this does show up, I'm certain they will make me satisfy it, which is fine but I don't want to be accused of fraud.. I'm almost thinking I call her tomorrow and tell her what I found to see what she thinks I should do. I just don't understand why it would not show on my CR? I couldn't find anything in the MA law that stated they shouldn't? Also, the lawyer for this LVNV works in New Hampshire - from what I gathered, he must be licensed to collect in MA, correct? Thanks for all your help!
  2. 1) The account was opened in 2006 2) Originally defaulted in 2006 3) Judgement was granted in 2009 4) Judgement was granted to collection agency Richard Boudreau & Associates for LVNV Funding 5) Chelsea District Court Thanks for your response - I just paid a ridiculous amount of money to search for public records online and nothing came up..
  3. Hi, So I have a quick question - my husband and I are currently in the underwriting stage of our first VA mortgage loan with a local bank. We have been preapproved however, I am beginning to get worried. My credit report lists a collection account with LVNV Funding which was for a credit card past the SOL. It was initially listed on all three and in dispute status; I contacted all three credit bureaus to remove this remark and the account has completely dropped off both TU and EX but stayed on EQ with the dispute remark removed. Recently, I found a boatload of documents pertaining to this account at my parents house (which I was looking for in case my loan officer requested anything - so far, she has told me NOT to pay this account). In these documents was a copy of a "Default Judgement" for this account. Now, I was young back then and freely admit my mistakes and my complete disregard for my responsibilities however, I did not remember anything about a judgement until now. My issue is that this judgement is NOT showing in the Public Records section of my credit report - it shows as a collection account, which my loan officer and I have already discussed. I searched the Massachusetts Appellate Court records online (I'm not even sure if this is the correct place to search) and nothing came up for me under my maiden name. What should I do? Should I inform my loan officer of this or should I wait it out since it is not showing on my credit report? Will this suddenly appear and cause my loan to be denied? The amount is for $4,000 which I could potentially pay but not until after closing as all of our savings are currently tied up in escrow. I have worked for years to fix my credit and this would be the last negative from my past and I would love to have it taken care of and not have to worry but I don't want to do anything that may affect our loan right now. Any help/input would be greatly appreciated as I'm starting to lose sleep!
  4. Hi, Thanks for your response - the "Judgement for Plaintiff" does not list any of the following: - the address that they gave the server - the process servers name and affidavit that i was served - whether the allegations in the complaint and evidence met the state standards It does state that there supposedly was a payment review scheduled for 12/7/2007, which is the month following the issuance of the judgement. Why would a CA wait so long (5 years) to now try and garnish my wages? If there was a payment review date set as well, and I hadn't paid, wouldn't they have come after me then? I am planning to contact the court on Monday - if I state that I was never served this judgement, etc. would this just be dismissed? Or would there be some sort of new trial? Would you have any idea why this isn't showing on any of the credit reports?
  5. Thank you all for your responses! I'm out of town until Monday so I am planning to visit the court house first thing. There is some sort of document titled judgment included but it has a different plaintiff name than the firm which is contacting me now. This just doesn't make sense. It also doesn't make sense that its not showing on any credit report. If this is all false, isn't it illegal?
  6. I would also like to mention that this judgement lists a totally different law firm and not the one who sent me the letter I received today! What is going on..?
  7. Hi, I was hoping that soe may be able to help as I'm pretty much floored right now.. today I received in the mail a letter from a law office (attorney for First Resolution Corp. or something to that effect) stating that in 2007, a default judgment had been entered against me for credit card debt from 2004. Now, I admit that in the past, I made quite the mess of my credit but I have paid off each and every old debt and brought up my credit score to "Good" status. This judgement does NOT show on any of my credit reports (I just bought all three) however, the attorney included a copy of his judement with their letter. My husband and I just received pre-approval to buy a house and I have no idea where all of this is coming from. The letter states that I have a court date in January to begin wash garnishment? Do I have any recourse here.. I didn't even know this judgement existed? I have worked for years on repairing my credit so I can't help but think that this has already been paid off! Is that possible? Could the original creditor have sent this account to two collection agencies? Any suggestions for next steps would be so much appreciated.. I am terrified that this is going to ruin our dreams at purchasing our first home!

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