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  1. Right idea, though it's actually a 15-digit account number. [Edit] Originally I also wrote that my Propel account number on my credit report was not the same as the card's number, but I was looking at it wrong; it is the card's number. So, the way it gets reported, WF would not have any flexibility and would require opening a new account with zero age. This fits with what they made me do a few years ago. I tried to PC from a Visa Signature to the Propel Amex, and they made me close the Visa and open a new account for the Amex instead.
  2. I went to the Wells Fargo web site to check which streaming services are eligible for the Propel card 3x category, since they change the list from time to time. It turns out that the Propel card is now gone from the site. Upon investigation, I found this reddit thread from a month ago, which announced a rumor that the Propel card would be discontinued today. https://www.reddit.com/r/churning/comments/m64pws/daily_discussion_thread_march_16_2021/gr4s45n/ I have received no notice from WF regarding whether this is really a discontinuation, or part of a revamp
  3. In Alliant's case, that isn't what happened. I had the same $2 balance reporting for many months in a row, and Alliant suddenly stepped out of line with the others.
  4. I don't know why other people do it. In my case, it's incidental rather than being an end in itself. Several banks and credit unions send me a bunch of numbers, and as long as they stay pretty close to the same as last month, I don't pay close attention. When one or more of them changes substantially, I use that as a trigger to go look at my credit report to see if there is anything I need to know. Because I use them that way, I happen to notice when one number diverges from the others.
  5. @tireredsquare, I also noticed that in 3Q 2020, Alliant's alleged "TU Vantage 3" began diverging markedly from everyone else's TU Vantage 3 scores. I have several other sources for that number, and all of them agree with each other except Alliant. In my case Alliant has been sometimes much higher and sometimes much lower than the other TU Vantage 3's. It appears that Alliant is looking at completely different information, or else has changed algorithms while continuing to claim the old one. @centex is right, though. Vantage doesn't matter because lenders don't care about it. A
  6. Sounds good. A 50% match on up to 8% of income is decent and worth taking advantage of.
  7. You didn't mention the rate of employer match, but if it's 25% or more (often it's 100%), there is a good chance it is higher than any interest rate you are paying. Plus you get investment returns on top of that. I would max out the match. I would divert some discretionary income to an emergency fund even while still in debt. A lack of cushion leaves you vulnerable, especially in this crazy time. My personal priorities would be: 1. Build an emergency fund at a reasonable rate of progress (doesn't have to be all at once). 2. Max out employer match.
  8. It turns out that in my case, it will be more than $50. I agree that they've made the card a lot less interesting, though, between the increased FTF, increased minimum redemption, and proven willingness to devalue.
  9. Alliant sent out an e-mail officially retracting its point devaluation, and stating that they would issue additional points to make up for reduced-value redemptions from last month. It was pretty sneaky how they implemented the devaluation in the first place, but I must say I'm impressed with the way they reversed it. We now have another 2% card back!
  10. Just got the following e-mail from Alliant. Wow! I have never heard of a card issuer doing this before. It's a 2% card again!
  11. This is definitely important advice. When I check my spreadsheet and find that something needs to happen but I don't want to do it right away, I also put an entry in my calendar.
  12. Barclays still tells me to log into my Aviator Silver account to check my credit score, years after I closed the card.
  13. It's interesting to see that they only made the change to some accounts. That could be another reason the CSR was confused.
  14. BTW, the CSR was probably just confused. The kind of customer they normally talk to is only concerned with the due date, and knows nothing about the closing date. It takes a little more advanced customer to care about the closing date. Since the due date is still fixed, and that is what most people care about, the CSR probably just got their wires crossed.
  15. I was annoyed too when they changed the formula. Both the due date and the closing date used to be fixed. Now the due date is still fixed but the closing date bounces around. However, as others have said, it does follow a formula that they announced. About half my cards do things the way Capone used to, and the other half do something similar to Capone's new formula, so it isn't just this one card issuer that works this way. It's important to keep track of which is which, especially when one of them changes. Now that you know the situation and how to deal with it, y
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