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  1. For purchases of $5 or less, I usually pay cash and get change. Sometimes that would happen anyway because of minimum credit card purchase amounts.
  2. I sometimes use self checkouts to get rid of excess change. They're missing an opportunity.
  3. Good to know that the IRS can circumvent the PATRIOT act when it is inconvenient for them.
  4. One problem with debit cards is that sometimes the financial institutions that issue them are strict about wanting a residential address at the time of activation. Someone who only has a mailing address is then out of luck. A check, on the other hand, can be mailed to "John Doe c/o General Delivery" if need be; the recipient doesn't even need their own mailing address. The worst case is homeless people who might never be able to activate their debit card depending on how strict the institution's compliance department is. However, there are other cases as well. For example, someone who lives in an RV and travels full time might have trouble activating a debit card. This isn't theoretical. I've had trouble activating debit cards during times when I've been without a residential address (by choice).
  5. Very interesting. Sounds like a VPN might be a solution. If you can VPN into, say, San Francisco, they'll freak out and make you verify your identity, but you should be able to get past the disruption according to the map.
  6. I'm able to log in, but I'm getting pretty fed up with them wanting to call to verify my identity so often when I log in. Let them verify their own identity and leave me out of it.
  7. It's bad enough that banks often treat customers like criminals to begin with. For it to happen even more often based on race is absolutely disgusting.
  8. nemo


    EO success! I logged in this morning and my limit was restored.
  9. nemo


    @hdporter and @CTSoxFan, thanks for the idea of contacting the EO. Chase never did call me back as promised, so I called the EO this morning and they have taken ownership of the issue. They sounded helpful and anxious to advocate on my behalf to get the limit restored. It sounds like it could take a few days to get a determination.
  10. That's probably what they should have been doing anyway. A high income doesn't imply safety if 110% of it is being spent.
  11. nemo


    The BASTIDS!!! New poll: Which is worse, getting Gaby'd or getting nemo'd?
  12. nemo


    No dice so far. I called customer service, and they pushed me off to the credit department. They said they weren't the ones who sent me the letter, and sent me back to customer service while they explained to the CSR that it was customer service's job to deal with it. After being shuffled around like that for 20 minutes, the CSR said I would have to put in a CLI request and they would HP me. I argued that wasn't fair since they had told me the CLD wouldn't happen and then it did. After doing 15 minutes more of research, they said they would have a supervisor call me. I'm not optimistic.
  13. Chase checking account balance off? Bank says 'technical issue' was to blame
  14. nemo


    Well, dagnabbit, today they broke their promise and the CLD went through anyway. I found out by accident while checking the web site. I'll have to call them tomorrow when they're open.
  15. Yup, I was one of those who took balance transfers during the last recession, eventually leading to BK. The other day, one of my card issuers sent me balance transfer checks for the first time since my BK, unsolicited. I don't even remember which issuer it was; I shredded them as soon as I saw what they were.

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