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  1. Actually, it was my attorney who said that. Given your list of financial institutions that would, it appears he was talking about institutions that were local to me at the time.
  2. One thing that never seems to get reported is WF's behavior toward people in BK. When I was about to file, my BK attorney said if I had any money in WF, I should remove it before filing because WF would freeze my accounts, even though they were not required to, and other banks didn't. That was well before the scandals and was my first clue that something was not right at WF. On the other hand, a couple of years later, I went ahead and took a chance anyway because WF had a $10k secured Visa at the time, which became a prybar for me. Fortunately, I was lucky and have never experie
  3. That makes sense. An old Capital One Platinum card I had has remained a Master Card through multiple product changes, even though some of those were products where new ones were being issued as Visas at the time.
  4. In the past, I have taken a pay cut for a job I liked better, and I was glad I did it. That is one of the reasons I live below my means, so it's possible to take advantage of opportunities to make life better, and even have some extra savings built up in case it goes wrong. I also occasionally take high-paying jobs I don't care about much, to build up my war chest, but only if those jobs have a specific end date that isn't far off. After all, my career should serve me, not the other way around.
  5. Definitely not always true. When I was traveling in Russia, my cell phone wouldn't work there. My hotel room didn't even have a phone. There was no place to buy a phone near my hotel or the meeting I was attending. When I tried to access my Wells Fargo account, of course they shut me out. There should definitely be some other way to verify, such as by e-mail, which I did have. (Wells Fargo sometimes offers verification by e-mail, and sometimes does not. It seems random to me.) The same thing that would have solved the problem for me would also have solved it for the OP.
  6. I have been in similar situations before and chose not to buy. I do not like the idea of making a long-term commitment during times when my income is in doubt. There are always times when my income is solid, and I like to wait for those. It may be tempting to think that as a 50-something there will be no more times of predictable income, so this might be the last chance to buy a house. In my experience, that kind of thinking leads to mistakes. As far as deciding whether to ride the current job into the ground or go to another city to search, it depends on how much th
  7. Some issuers happen to have a policy that they will issue a higher-limit Visa card as a Visa Signature, but it is not a universal Visa policy. I have a Visa Platinum with a $25k limit (from Alliant).
  8. Years ago when I had an Amex Platinum, they slapped a limit on it a couple of times. In my case it was due to the use of the extended payment option. As soon as I paid it down to zero, they removed the limit. However, my credit reports did not show that there was a limit at all. The limit they established was only internal to Amex. My guess is that if you pay your DTC down to zero, the limit will disappear, and in the mean time, Amex probably won't report to the credit bureaus that there is a limit.
  9. Another use for the Quicksilver is purchases from foreign vendors (or while traveling overseas, but that's not happening much right now), since the WF Active Cash has a 3% FTF and the Quicksilver has none.
  10. After getting as much information as I could from the notice in my billing statement, I did a little further research on the Internet. It turns out that the Barclays View Mastercard is not quite new. Apple Rewards cards were converted to View as well. It just doesn't show up in Barclays' list of cards because it is not open to new customers. Here's a TPG article from when Apple Rewards cards were converted to View, which makes it clear that View points are worth 1¢ each, and the minimum redemption amount for cash back is 2500 points ($25). https://thepointsguy.com/ne
  11. I got a notice in my billing statement that my Uber Visa card is being replaced by a new Barclays View Mastercard. The View card will earn points, and there is no indication what those will be worth. A few more facts: * A 3% FTF is being added effective September 18. * The switch from Uber to View will be effective within a few days after the October billing statement. * 3x points on restaurants including takeout and delivery. * 2x points on Internet, select streaming, phone, TV, and groceries excluding Target and Walmart. * 1x points on everything else.
  12. If you have a Visa and want to PC, but can't right now, I would go ahead and call WF on the phone anyway. They tend to keep track of what people want, and sometimes grant it months later. That's what happened to me for my previous PC. [Edit] I just recalled what made me think that. When I called WF to try to PC a Platinum to a Rewards Visa, and they told me no, the CSR also said they would keep my request on file because they sometimes grant these requests later. This was years ago; hopefully they still do the same.
  13. I had a very similar incident happen many years ago with an Amex card. I had canceled a subscription but kept getting billed and calling Amex month after month. I asked Amex to block the merchant and the CSR said "I cannot block the merchant because the account has not been closed in a derogatory way." I said "I'll close it in a derogatory way. I won't pay the bill." She said "I'll take care of it for you, sir." I never had a problem with it again, and never had to carry out my threat.
  14. Nice, thanks! As expected because it's an Amex, my Propel card does not have that option. Not that I would want to change it. I was just curious after that great explanation.
  15. Wells Fargo does PCs but they like to think it's their idea. A few years back, I tried to PC a Platinum to a Rewards Visa, and at first they said no, but a few months later I got a letter saying "Congratulations, you are being upgraded!"
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