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  1. Is this tl reported as revolving or installment?
  2. I konw that there are many other factors making up FICO's but I was just curious how much other's FICOs increased when they had Repo's deleted.
  3. I have both the US Bank Secured Card and the US Bank Secured SkyPass Card. Both report as secured cards on all three reports, however from what I've read, it doesn't effect fico whether it reports secured or unsecured.
  4. And what about a cosigner? I am single but have a non-occupant willing to cosign with scores in the 800's with perfect credit. Would that help?
  5. In Missouri the FHA limits are $242K. According to a potential lender I can get in at 5.8% - not sure about the terms but just 3% down for 30 years. Does that sound right?
  6. Just one 60-day late on student loan which only shows on one bureau about 14 months ago. Had it removed from other two bureaus.
  7. I'm looking at buying a duplex for $240K. Any chance I would qualify for the FHA 1st time buyer loan? The realtor explained it to me - 100% financed, with 3% down paid for by a grant from FHA. Income: $49,500 Debt: Car $385, Student Loan $400 FICO's: 606, 536, 529 w/ no lates or derog's in the last 12 months. (The scores below are FACOs)
  8. After three days of taping harassing phone calls from Reginold White, and over six months of racking up violations, DV1, DV2, DV3 all gone unanswered, it's time to back up my ITS letter and take these bastards to court. Any advice or insight into these guys is greatly appreciated.
  9. Just an FYI - Quicktrip has a gas card which is underwritten by Wright Express but without the monthly or card fees. It's also easy to get approved for.
  10. CO from Cingular wireless from 2001 for $900. Sent dv, no response, 30 days later send dv2, no response, meantime they validated with cras. 30 days later send its letter to CEO of AFNI at their corporate address. BAM - gone in 2 days.
  11. Anderson Financial Network on an old Cingular charge off. FINALLY - 1-2 punched - didn't work - so I sent a letter directly to the owner of the company at their corporate headquarters - the NOTICE OF DEMAND letter floating around here somehwere...and BAM - it was off EQ, EX, and TU within 2 days. Thanks CB! My FAKO's jumped up about 30 points, hopefully so did my FICO's.
  12. D&B rep flat out refused to set up our government contract issued D&B number with a toll free number. Said we have to have local number with area code. Finally got another rep (5 tries) on the phone who went ahead and entered it - but when she tried to submit it - said she got an error and wouldn't be able to submit it for a number with a toll free number on the app.
  13. Called to get a D&B number for a new business we acquired, told us they can't set it up with a toll free number - have to have a land line. Anyone else encountered this? Is this another D&B tactic or has anyone got one with a toll free number only?
  14. Tiffany's is the only company we've applied for that has actually verified our banking information. It's the reason they wouldn't open up an account for us - since our account had been open less than 6 mths at time of app.
  15. Is this a revolving account or net 30?

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