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  1. My grown son gets SSDI, and his daughter gets a check monthly, & it does not affect his amount. He does not get SSI, because he does not meet the low income required.
  2. Is there a rule cell phone carriers use when they reissue a #, after that account is closed? Do they usually wait a few months to pass it along to a new customer?
  3. I guess I'm in the minority, but I like my $99 Shark pretty well. I like the small interchangeable triangle heads that swivel, gets into corners really good. I like that I can use it on my wood floor with the fluffy purple duster thingy, which still steams a bit, but not enough to soak the wood.
  4. Been around 6.5 years. I had to look at my profile, I had no idea it has been that long.
  5. A ride through Cades Cove just outside GB would be nice. If you or family are up to any hiking at all, there are some gorgeous trails, some short, lots of waterfalls around. My dad was from that area, I haven't been back in years, but am going this fall. The leaves are amazing then. If you want to gamble, Cherokee Indian reservation casino is just about an hours drive from there. A nice scenic ride.
  6. Actually, if you were having permanent color put on, having your hair no dirtier than you described would have been fine. Because it is shampooed when washing the color out. Semi-perm color, you apply to clean, washed dry hair, and rinse it out only, condition if you like.
  7. Just before taking my paperwork down to my preparer I found out about this, in case anyone needed to know: http://lifeinc.todayshow.com/_news/2011/01/04/5759248-if-you-itemize-deductions-dont-file-that-tax-return-yet
  8. I was getting my paperwork together to take to the tax preparer who does my taxes every year. Looking over last time I did them, I noticed that I cheated myself not reporting over $1,200 last year in pharmacy expenses. Can my tax guy do a revision and use that for me this year?
  9. So true and he still is not quite convinced Save one of the old "name brand" bottles, then next time buy the cheaper & pour it in there.
  10. I for one, wear my skinny jeans at the proper waist line. I for one, wear my skinny jeans at the proper waist line. Do you have a jewels? If so, there is NO proper waistline for skinny jeans on you. If he's hot he can wear them. In fact, I will allow him to post a picture of his ABs in his Skinny jeans and we can decide together. Good plan, yes? Thanks. Now I'm going to have nightmares about clowns. Jeggings can go away now. Jeggins are AWESOME. Super comfy AND cute! Ok I'm mostly all about the Super Comfy part, but they do look cute too! Actually, I couldn't believe how comfy Jeggings are. Actually look pretty decent on me. The thing is, unless you look like a super model, one needs to wear a longer tunic type top or blouse that falls just past your butt cheek. The right shoes are a plus.
  11. WOW.........I did that, and there they were!! Thanks you so MUCH!
  12. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my email. I have several folders made for email I want to keep. I have an important one that I keep stuff in to/from our insurance agent regarding our claim for home damage, contractor's estimates, etc. Opened it to refer to past emails. It is empty except for one email (there WERE probably 40), poof, gone. Funny thing is, none of the other folders are empty, except one other (not important one). Any idea if there is anywhere/any way on my computer I might be able to retrieve this folder?
  13. It was... you know.. The tear drop mice...when they are frightened they curl up into this little triangle shape with their ears pointed up and flat to their head... I had a devil of a time with the little thing because it was positive i was trying to hurt it.. It never tried to bite me, but it was like trying to hold onto ice with legs.. Anyway. I think its terrible to kill something that small and gentle without just cause. It wasnt trying to steal food, just keep warm.. I will say... the place should just invest in a good cat...still a kinder method of death then a glue trap... Awww...you got to me there with that description of them curling up & all. That would melt my heart.
  14. I'm surprised they didn't cite him for animal cruelty.
  15. I'm so sorry to hear that. You & your family will be in my thoughts.

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