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  1. In what state do you reside? The National Collegiate you should try the one-two punch. PM and I can share more of my personal experience with them. Transworld is on her credit report before sending a dunning letter? I would get a letter out to them and the credit reporting agencies citing the violations. Agree with the others, she is going to need some positive accounts.
  2. APPROVED!! AMEX preferred for $10K. Higher limits indeed. My first AMEX card. I kinda want to frame it when it gets here (free expedited delivery). Would that be weird?
  3. Pulled myfico.com Experian for a rent application. 695. Need to lower my utilization. Not bad from where I started in January...
  4. New Increases: Paypal increased to $2100 Walmart increased to $1600 Chevron increased to $850 Have been focused on paying down the balance on private student loans. I have three. All with balances higher than the original loan amount, so getting them under that and then paying them off one by one is the plan.
  5. B* History EQ and TU are CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN Baddies remaining Barclays Upromise - 30 day late from April 2012 Target - 30 day late from late 2013 Citi - 30 and 60 day late from late 2013 High Utilization on Upromise That's all folks...
  6. Congratulations!! ...subscribing to this thread. Keep up the good work!
  7. This was MY expectation initially as well. I was SEVERELY disappointed!! They must have designed their website on a Commodore 64. YES!! Buhaha. User experience and visual design on DCU site is the pits!! Also, all my messages come up as a PDF...not sure if it is because I am on a Mac or what. Annoying.
  8. B* - AT&T is fell off. Cap1 remains as the last of 11. I expect it to fall off by the end of the week. ETA: When I pulled MPM there were 2, USAA there was 1 (no surprise, the pull bumped it) BUT when I pulled Equifax Complete.....it has ZERO inquiries. Hmmmm.......
  9. This is awesome information! My last TU inq fell off on 5/29/14 and I'll keep pulling until the end of my next SCP billing cycle which is around 6/21/14 or thereabouts. I LOVE CB (and BW). Thank you!!
  10. B* EQ b* - Discover. It should have happened on 6/2/14, per my spreadsheet, but happened on 5/31. Maybe some other pulls counted toward this? Glad it happened! Especially after MPM was DOA for several days. WHEW!!
  11. It WARMS my heart to see your progress. Another example of how hard work and diligence totally pays off on CB. Congratulations! Keep up the awesome work!
  12. B* Inquiries on TU are 0. Need to cancel SCP. Down to 4 on EQ with two due to fall off next week and the other two the following week. At that point I will cancel USAA and probably keep MPM since signing up is just a hassle. Although, I wonder if that is a bad approach....like keeping cigarettes in the house when you are trying to quit. Do I need a B* aid in the drawer, if I won't be apping?? Or am I only fighting with myself? ....or if anything, cancel MPM and keep USAA.....I hate that 24+1 damn thing anyway. TU and EQ will be clean, clean, clean of inquiries come June 9th! Utilization Had an unexpected decrease in cash flow, so looking to maintain last month's utilization on the reports and decrease it for July. I already took the hit when Upromise finally reported, since it has been maxed for a minute. I've cut my spending so I should be able to keep the other cards reporting at the same balances as last month. No New Apps! Not planning to apply for anything until September or later. I have inquiries falling off EX in August. I also will need to look for a new place to live around October. I'll focus instead on increasing the balances on my current lines. Baddies 2 years old late 1 30 day late on Upromise from April 2012 (Consequence of resurrection) - reports on all three + 6 months old late 1 30 day late on Target from Sept 2013 - reports on all three < 6 months old lates 1 30, 1 60 day late on Citi (closed account) from Oct, Nov 2013 - reports on all three High Utilization Upromise is at 95% Improvement Opportunities Target will delete lates older than 24 months old...so there will be hope in September of 2016 Citi has said no on GW about 6 million ways Upromise....it's just over two years old. I'll try to dispute at the end of 2014.
  13. Thanks for the info on Discover! My first payment just posted so we'll see....

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