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  1. Making good progress. I have paid my overall credit card down and my utilization is around 30%. My Experian FICO 8 is 723 as of May 24th, it was 667 a month ago. Thanks for the great advice! Discover did lower my interest rate, but I've marked my calendar to try again in 6 months. Based on @Kat58 's feedback, I should have some luck. Thanks for the great info!!
  2. Interest rate reduction on Discover! Sent an email to all my creditors to request an interest rate reduction/review. Discover agreed to do it! Email: BC - (EO) executiveoffices(at)discover(dot)com TO - CEO Email: rogerhochschild(at)discover(dot)com Asked for my late to be removed and my APR to be reviewed. Got a nice message that my reduction was approved. Effective in two days for all new purchases. No news on the late being removed. Fingers crossed.
  3. @cv91915 That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. @IndyPoolPlayer Ah! Interesting. Good to know. Sorry about Mama Bear. #CancerSucks indeed @hegemony I wasn't sure, hence the question mark. There was a hegemony who was helpful to me back in 2007. Mix up on my part. Mea culpa.
  4. Let me add my current circumstances for context on paying down my debt: Ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began working remotely from California (I live in NYC) to help care for my mom who was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer. I got here on the 11th of February. I, of course, am still paying all my bills in NYC. However, my recreational activities have been NIL for two months, ahead of the shelter in place orders. I also got a raise and my bonus payment during that time. So...mo money, mo money, money. Bills I am paying are rent, mobile phone, electricity, and internet. Downgraded Netflix (my adult daughter is still there), cancelled unlimited metro card auto-pay. So that is $143 a month. Overall, it gives me about $3K a month to pay down debt. So with time and disposable income on my hands, I thought I'd tackle my debt. I plan on resuming fertility treatments when I return to NYC. Things I am grateful for are that I got of NYC before COVID-19 ripped through it like crazy. I am also grateful that I get to be with my mom and help nurse her back to health. Her cancer markers went from over 5K to less than 90. She is slated for surgery in May, but of course we'll have to see how the pandemic continues to unfold. I am also grateful that my daughter is doing well in NYC and staying safe. I lost a co-worker due to the virus and that put things into perspective. Thanks for reading. 🙂
  5. @kaylee34 It happened over the last three, not six. I had two miscarriages (first in April of 2017) and two failed IVF treatments (not to mention about 6 failed IUI treatments). So my focus was elsewhere. Some days it was all I could do to get dressed and go to work. @cv91915(hegemony, right?) Points taken. The AMEX comment is in reference to the last/previous post to my update. BDK wrote "Congrats! Remember, Amex is a PIF-kinda company..." I was mostly being cheeky. What is the action that the term "rate jacking" depicts? I must have misunderstood it the 12 years I've been on CB. Understood about your comment on the Chevron TL conversion. Let me try and clarify It doesn't show VISA on the reports though. Posting below the way the tradelines read on om my report Closed Retail Card: SYNCB/CHEVRON PLCC Visa Card: SYNCB/CHEVRON DC Appreciate the responses. Hope this clarifies!
  6. I'm baaaack. A pandemic seems like a good time to dust off my credit and increase my scores (again). Amex is INDEED a PIF kinda company. They closed my account last year. I'm still paying off the card. Things I am working on now: Reducing my utilization on all my open cards (Barclays, Citi, Union Plus (Cap 1), Discover, Chevron Visa (Sync), and Target RedCard) Pay off my closed (Amex and Paypal(Sync)). Also, have some 30 day lates (5). Two will drop (SOL) this year. Two are on the closed accounts and 1 on Discover. I want to work on lowering my APR, especially on the Sync accounts. I was rate-jacked after the late. My Chevron Visa started out as a store card in 2008 and changed to a VISA in 2016. However they re-aged it so it looks like two seperate accounts. Would love to have this reflect the actual 2008 relationship for age. (Store card shows as closed/sold/transferred as of 2016) - Researching if this can be done or if it was listed as "new" because it changed from store card to Visa. It doesn't show VISA on the reports though. All around a pain, but may make sense to close it after I PIF. No inquiries on EX or EQ. Two on TU (8/18 and 2/19) for credit union (AFCU) personal loans that have been PIF and closed. Creditor Date Opened Limit Balance Status Barclays 4/14/2008 $ 6000 $4,566 Open Citi 4/21/2014 $ 4150 $3,490 Open Union Plus 2/20/2008 $ 2800 $1,718 Open Discover 4/14/2014 $ 6,500 $5,430 Open Chevron Visa 9/16/2016 (2008) $ 2300 $1549 Open Target Redcard 2/8/2008 $ 1200 $ 872 Open Amex 9/25/2014 $10000 $6,236 Closed (2018) Paypal 2/12/2008 $ 3600 $2260 Closed (2019)
  7. In what state do you reside? The National Collegiate you should try the one-two punch. PM and I can share more of my personal experience with them. Transworld is on her credit report before sending a dunning letter? I would get a letter out to them and the credit reporting agencies citing the violations. Agree with the others, she is going to need some positive accounts.
  8. APPROVED!! AMEX preferred for $10K. Higher limits indeed. My first AMEX card. I kinda want to frame it when it gets here (free expedited delivery). Would that be weird?
  9. Pulled myfico.com Experian for a rent application. 695. Need to lower my utilization. Not bad from where I started in January...
  10. New Increases: Paypal increased to $2100 Walmart increased to $1600 Chevron increased to $850 Have been focused on paying down the balance on private student loans. I have three. All with balances higher than the original loan amount, so getting them under that and then paying them off one by one is the plan.
  11. B* History EQ and TU are CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN Baddies remaining Barclays Upromise - 30 day late from April 2012 Target - 30 day late from late 2013 Citi - 30 and 60 day late from late 2013 High Utilization on Upromise That's all folks...
  12. Congratulations!! ...subscribing to this thread. Keep up the good work!
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