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  1. If I applied for a vendor such as Staples or Office Depot and was denied, how long should I wait to re-apply again? Thanks
  2. I've never got Grainger before even after some established credit (A few net 30 tradelines reporting on D&B and/or Experian). What are the requirements or what channel do you apply from to get approved for Grainger?
  3. I started a new business and tried Quill & Uline and got denied both. If I went on and did the prepay route will it still report the same as if it's credit? Are there any other starter accounts that report fast? Even if you have to prepay? I appreciate all feedback and advice in advance
  4. Thanks for the insight! Did you apply with a business rep in store? or did you call a certain number or? What all documents did they have you provide? Thanks in advance
  5. Which cell phone carrier is the easiest to get approved for with business credit and what do they pull and to whom do they report or if at all? Thanks in advance I refuse to deal with Sprint by the way
  6. I was looking to open up a FedEx account for my business but it's showing that a credit card is required? Does anyone know a way around needing a credit card? Thanks in advance
  7. What exactly is required with getting approved with Amazon? I've tried with 4 of my companies over the past 2-3 years and keep getting denied. I always have at least 3 tradelines reporting on DnB, not sure exactly what I would have on Experian & equifax but I'd at least have 1 or 2 on both. Any help? thanks in advanced.
  8. Did you apply online or over the phone? For Amazon especially
  9. Thanks for the advice, yeah it's recent
  10. I recently had a setback which caused my credit card to go to collection and a barge off on my auto loan as well...the auto loan is 5 figures, any way to get this removed or anything? As a result of this my score has dropped down to the 500's... The credit card I may can pay off but the auto loan I'm never goin to be able to do without a miracle. Any help?? Thanks
  11. I don't know a way (for free) to check my Equifax file but I doubt I have anything reporting there and I know DnB doesn't have anything but I do have some tradelines reporting to Experian. Does anybody know any relatively accounts I can get that only check your experian file? Also I'm NOT looking to PG anything, and it would definitely help if they reported to all 3 as well. I'm sure there's an answer to this already in the forums somewhere, I tried searching but couldn't find my answer. Thanks in advance, & I'll still be searching in the meatime.
  12. dammn how'd you get approved? theysaid I had to prepay... i did exactly what you did. How many tradelines did u already have reporting?
  13. I'm more than sure that this has been answered somewhere on here before so you guys can even just link me or guide me to the post with the answer. But what are some vendors that are easy to get for start-ups that report to experian pretty fast? Thanks in advance
  14. I didn't even know Reliable still reported, I thought that they didn't report anymore, thanks alot for the info
  15. Must be reliable because I don't think Quill or Uline does.....thanks
  16. I'm more than sure that this has been answered somewhere on here before so you guys can even just link me or guide me to the post with the answer. But what are some vendors that are easy to get for start-ups that report to equifax pretty fast? I really at least just want an equifax file asap. Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
  17. Either one but with a thinner file a Net is usually a little easier to get.. GE in general pulls Equifax and if little to nothing is found there they will pull DNB. aw ok, Thanks!
  18. Are you guys getting approved for the revolving accounts or the net 30 accounts on amazon? They only check D&B for approval??
  19. Cool, congrats. What all did you have already prior to getting approved for those accounts? Did you have to PG Amazon?
  20. Has anyone ever used EZ Business Cash Advance before? I'm aware of the high interest rates and everything but I was wondering was it legit altogether because I noticed they have so many different domain names and that's a red flag to me. However I have been trying to google if it's a scam and nothing is popping up saying so so...:shrug: Was wondering if any of you guys knew from personal experience or not. And what all information do you need to provide them with? For those who may have used another lender which do you recommend and what is all required?
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