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  1. Animal dander really does a number on fans also. Your desktop if you put it on the floor is a giant vacuum cleaner running however long you leave your pc on. In my case 24/7. Those fans are horrible and I dont smoke. but yeah..
  2. Yep 3 month supply for like 300$ https://www.wisefoodstorage.com/3-month-emergency-food-supply-252-serving-new.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwz93cBRCrARIsAEFbWsh42JiXqdK-V_6ZvNv0CnJqQ_RyaHFsmTfuU4gv41ceJv1_m3tzTPAaAlHREALw_wcB
  3. Verzion might but they have their company management. When you goto settings it wil say "This phone is supervised and managed by xyz company. learn more about device supervision..." Basically the company decides what you can and cant do and requirements like 8 or more digit passcodes. What happens when 5 or more is met. (wipe phone etc).
  4. You know I still have everything there except for the overhead projector at my house ❤️ old retro stuff. Heck I remember 8" floppies, and 8 Tracks and Reel to reels Still got them also
  5. can you hit print screen next time it does it real quick? Could be something that is being sent to the new notifications panel. https://puu.sh/w5vlC/f0e53fe3f1.jpg
  6. http://imgur.com/gallery/rXaal
  7. https://x9.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Blockchain-Explained-v2.09.pdf
  8. I would say sure, but when it keeps happening over and over then that is harassment.
  9. When the new owner of your home later down the road digs up the yard to put in that new inground pool! The treasure trove of data they will have
  10. We use our degausser on harddrives when we retire a computer. http://www.datasecurityinc.com/degausser/degausser_hpm4e.html so there is no data left on the disk. Then we destroy them.
  11. jasonw

    remote desktop

    start run. mstsc /v <computer name> Enjoy.

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