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  1. Just walk away and lets hope the real question won't be this; That Ebay and PayPal connect you & yours as an accessory to a scheme to defraud you could end up sucked down with this dude I wouldn't file suit, I would just walk into the local FBI office - question they will ask; how long have you known and why did you wait? you need a good answer for this Right I'll just take my losses and move on to much detail evolving the eBay and paypal scam that they tried with him. If it sounds to good to be true then more than likely it is some scam
  2. Don't deal with top tradeline they use A black market product and they are expensive
  3. You can lock up your EQ file and DCU will pull TU for membership and other products
  4. Are you aware of the infamous, underground 4th daily puller? There was a thread on it a couple of weeks ago. CB insiders are keeping tight-lipped about it. Although expensive, you could also use Quizzle everyday. What's the 4th daily puller?
  5. You gotta pay to play the banks don't care if you owe the IRS. They want to see Net profit from your business
  6. Yes you can If your revenue is over $4M. You need to re-apply and submit your Financial Statments,+ +1 that's the only way to no PG
  7. Well said the credit game changed big time but it's still out there you just gotta have all your ducks lined up
  8. Universal Mastercard by Fleetcor is a Credit Card that doesn't require a PG. Depending on how you look @ it it compares more to an Amex charge card with the balance due in full 14days from statement cut off. They turned me down wanted me to PG
  9. Well for me I don't want to use my personal credit for anything other then being able to PG. My goal is to be able to hide usage on my BCC, BLOC. You can only go so far with net 30s It's a lot of factors when it comes to building business credit you need at least two years in business, 700+ fico, financials, taxes showing growth and profit, good bank rating , secure assets , contracts from your vendors.
  10. Scenario #3 has almost no chance because it's not a seasoned business with tax returns filed.
  11. I'll trade you for 2 free TU daily pullers but i can't say it on here according to the CB illumiti
  12. My 3 of my friends with clean files with just 2 AUs got $5k Venture card from capital one.

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