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  1. Thanks all. I will keep you all posted
  2. I received that offer in the mail. Wondering if anyone has any experience with Citizens? Who do they pull? Any approvals/declines? Im in the Low 700's on all 3 reports with very little util (recently paid everything down/off) Chances? Want to fix up house. Thanks
  3. Hi there, Does anyone have any info on these? Just received a prequal for loans of up to $50K. Thanks
  4. Hi does anyone have a NYC Real Estate Atty knowledgeable on the NY SOL laws. Please help, need of guidance pronto Thank you
  5. Hi All, Im writing to get advice about obtaining Higher Limit Cards. Scores are EQ 719, EX 694, TU 720. Profile: Filed BK7 in 2009, finally most have fallen off my report. Have Cap 1 - (2) cards highest limit is $2,500 Have Barclays - $2200. No lates, no baddies since BK Problem is I BK'd Penfed, Nasa and USAA with 15K-25K lines each. I realize Im not getting back in with them so how should I go about obtaining higher limits. Should I CLI my current cards first or apply for new lines. Any suggestions?
  6. Can anyone please help with this or recommend a great real estate lawyer in NY who would know a lot about this topic? Thanks
  7. I have a rental property in NYC with Chase, (who sold to Bank of America, who sold to Wilmington Savings Fund) That judge has recently ordered the bank to settlement conferences with us. The bank is now offering us $40K for deed/walk away. I might add this figure keeps going up which makes me suspicious. Does the 6 years for SOL defense start after the first missed payment? or Does the 6 years start after acceleration by the bank (summons and complaint)? In my case, last missed payment was Dec 2008 They filed Summons and Complaint March 2013 Thanks in Advance
  8. That would be very helpful to change the title of the thread. THANK YOU SO MUCH BREEZE
  9. Thank you for your replies. Ive been doing lots of research and cant seem to figure out the timeline for SOL defense in NY. Does the 6 years start after the first missed payment? or Does the 6 years start after acceleration by the bank (summons and complaint) In my case, for the second property, last missed payment was Dec 2008 They filed Summons and Complaint Dec 2013 Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi all, Id appreciate any/all help on this. I recently received a ruling in my favor in NY against Wells Fargo based on 2 things: (Exact Wording) 1) Plaintiff has no standing because the mortgage was never assigned to Wells Fargo Bank NA as successor by merger to Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota NA, as Trustee F/K/A Norwest Bank Minnesota NA as Trustee for the Registered Holders of Structured Asset Securities Corporation, Structured Asset Investment Loan Trust, Mortgage Pass Through Certificates. Plaintiff in Original Complaint as as a matter of law, as it was not the holder and assignee of the note or mortgage prior to the commencement of this action in 2011. 2) Furthermore inasmuch as the Defendant defaulted in March 2007, the statute of limitations expired prior to the Amended Summons and Amended Complaint being filed. Ordered: Plaintiff's motion is denied and it is further ordered Defendent's motion to dismiss is granted without prejudice. My attorney suggested that I file a "Notice of Quiet Title" next. He also said I should consider making an offer to the bank to settle this by agreeing to take out a smaller mortgage so they don't tie up this case in court with appeals and bleed me dry in legal fees. IS THIS GOOD ADVICE? Do they have any recourse at this point? SECOND QUESTION: I have another rental property in a different county in New York State with the exact same set of circumstances (Last Payment Date, CH 7 BK, etc) but with different lender. That judge has ordered the bank to go to settlement conferences with us. The bank has offered us $40K for deed/walk away. I might add, this figure keeps going up which makes me suspicious. Should we file to get this dismissed based on NY SOL as well?
  11. Thank you all for your help. Im assuming that her new mortgage payment at a reasonable interest rate would be much lower. She would be able to afford it. Cedski, there has not been a notice of default entered yet. The only way to borrow the money would be to get equity from my other property. Value around $1.2, owe $710K ($630K on a first and $80K on a second). Is that an option?
  12. Hi ALL, Need some help. Did some searching but nothing fits my scenario My daughter has a subprime with Ocwen at 11.875%. She fell behind 2 years ago and did a forebearance plan. She completed one full year but last year fell behind on the forebearance. The foreclosure was never stopped bc the forebearance wasn't satisfied. No sale date yet. House has 200K in equity. Worth $850K, owes $650K A broker gave us some advice before the mortgage meltdown. Suggested that my name be added to her deed to refi in my name. We did that. I am self employed (2 years) with good income and perfect payment history on 2 other properties. One is my primary residence, the other is an investment property and rented out. Is there a loan out there for me to refi her house quickly before they foreclose? Also, is there a way to get any cash out to help her with some other debts? My mid credit score is 650. Looking for some type of stated inc/asset program bc of self employment. 2nd Option, Can I buy the house directly from her for FMV? Don't have any money to put down but can she gift me equity if needed? This is in NY, if that matters Any advice will be appreciated.
  13. I can't thank you enough for your reply. I'll continue to pay Amex and pray for the best.

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