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  1. I don't mind paying off the accounts but since they are 6.5 years old, I don't want to appear as more "recent" than they actually are. Thanks for your help!
  2. I have not disputed either of the collections. I did not even know about them until I got my tri-merge report last week. The Bank had a company call and verify that the accounts were mine-- so the pay-off of the accounts was listed in my conditional approval. We will not close on a house until at least mid-March, but I would feel more comfortable if I had them taken care of just for peace of mind. How exaclty would I phrase a dispute over the information contained in the listing of the accounts? Thanks!
  3. I have two medical collections on my credit report-- my tri-merge report lists two separate collections for the same ER visit that occurred in August 1998. The first tradeline lists the CA- but also lists the name of the hospital as the OC grantor. Is this a violation of FCRA § 605(a)(6)? Should I dispute the entry with the CRAs? The second entry lists a different CA, but does not list the collection as a medical collection and instead classifies the account as an installment account. I have been instructed to pay off these accounts before we close on our new home. I don't mind paying, but I do not want to make my score go down. TIA
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