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  1. If the gov does not shut down this Tuesday then the NFP jobs report will be out on Friday. If the numbers are good I would say 190,000 + then I would bet the 10 year will go back up into the 2.75- 2.80 % range. If the number is bad, say below 160,000 I could see the 10 year going down into the low 2.50% range. Anywhere between those numbers I could see it hanging around 2.60-2.65% through Oct at least. There really is not any huge data after this report except maybe the ISM report, still the Oct 4 payroll report will have the biggest affect. Even though the meeting at the end of OCT with the feds does not follow with a press conference, one "voting" fed said if the numbers are really good they could actually hold a confernce after that meeting to annonce a taper. The feds are really not offering any clear picture of when they may start. Though they have said all along it is based on the data. Data for the most part has been very sub-par with the exception of the unemployement numbers going down. Still it does not take much time to research why the numbers are actually going down though. "Different subject" If Yellen is elected I could see the bonds rally on this news. She is a well known dove when it comes to QE. I myself am currently buliding a home. I may pay for a 60 day lock if rates are good enough for me to justify forking out $1200 for that lock. Though I will not be able to do a lock until Oct 13th. So I have to hope for a poor payroll report this coming Friday. Just remember bad news is good news for us looking for lower rates. Problem for me is my stocks are also going down and selling of them will be for my 20% down. I sware I have not even started UW and I already am stressed!
  2. Thanks. I was more or less looking for any idea if CC was even close to actual lender pulls. I know my CK is off by 45 points. Going to have my credit ran next Monday and just wanted to at least have maybe a guess where I was. CC is saying my esitmated FICO is 724. Knowing my luck it will be 679.
  3. Thanks for your time. Yes I did use the search and went back a lot of pages but was unable to find what I was looking for. I was looking for the thread that compared everyones Credit.com, Credit Seasme and Credit Karmas scores compared to their actual lender pulled FICOS. Thanks again!
  4. I agree with a lot of what you said. This great jobs report is based a lot on seasonal positions and such in the travel industry. Still the unemployment rate did not move. I'm really feeling the heat now. Go in next week to sit down and possibly sign a contract for a new construction home. My goal was 4.5% and under. Who knows where it could be by October/November. It may keep going up since they will now assume the Feds may start tapering in September after their next meeting. So disappointing I will say that.
  5. That is the theory. Rates go up lenders may take more of a chance. Not sure if that will still be the case after the housing market went boom years ago. Though I have read in the last few weeks people predict that lenders may be more lenient. Guess time will only tell.
  6. That is incorrect. The feds are still buying the 85 billion a month in bonds. They said if the economy keeps improving and the unemployment rate goes down they will start to taper off on buying bonds. Just them even saying they will start slowing down on buying bonds late this year and into next year freaked people out.
  7. Watching the rates rise is making me ill. I still have two more weeks of waiting before I can try for a new home. Why the two weeks? thats another story. Since I will be going for a new constuction home is it possible to even lock in a rate for up to and even over 90 days? Guess the main reason I ask is does anyone feel the rates may go back down a little or at least level out in the next few months? Would I be better off floating the rate I get in the next few weeks and hope it will go back down? I will be doing a conventional loan with 20% down. Thanks for your time.
  8. The executive office is the one that is causing me all this grief. I am just going to have my attorney contact the office that told me I would be getting a letter that said "paid in full" and have him ask for a deletion since this has brought my score down. I just hate paying $200 an hour for something that I should not be having to deal with in the first place. Unless someone else has some better advice. Thanks for the bump and reply as well.
  9. I had a CO back in 2007 with them. First it should have never been CO but that is a different story. I eventually was sent to a collection agency for $200. I paid the agency in 2008. Well last year I look at my reports and it has a "settled for less than full amount". I was pissed. The collection agency had nothing about a settlement on the letter. I still have the letter. The balance according to Chase was less than $150. I begged and pleaded with them to let me pay the rest of the amount. I was always denied since the account was closed with a zero balance. I tried about 10-15 GW's as well. Finally last month I spoke with someone that agreed that I should be able to pay. She accepted a payment from me and said she would be sending me a letter saying the account was "paid in full" btw this was a manager. Another thing she also said the account should not update the payment status since the account was closed in 8/2008 and it already had a zero balance. I did not want FICO thinking I had recent collection activity. Well now Chase sends me a letter saying they have updated to the CRA's the account is paid for less than full amount with a zero balance. Really??? It had been that way for 5 years. Now my score went down 15 via EQ Fico since it updated my account to last payment made 5/13. Filed a complaint with the CFPB. Chase's response was that is was reporting correctly. Even though I made a payment and the account it paid in full they took a loss back in 2008 and thus the account should be settled for less than full amount and on top of that it is not in their control that the CRA's updated my payment to look recent. Jesus Chase who do you think sends the information for the CRA's to report? What can I do?? I know the manager recorded the conversation. She said she was. Can I hold her liable for saying she would update the and send me a letter stating the account was "paid in full"? I mean how can I pay an entire balance on an account closed or not and still have it paid for less than full amount? Glad Chase could just pocket the money. I am trying for a new home next month and this crap dropped me below my 700 score!!!
  10. I did a mortgage app spree last year just to get the cockroaches to come out. I knew I had no chance for a loan then. Homes prices are going up as well as interest rates where I live. Same home has went up $17,000 in the last 10 months. The home bulider I like is starting his final phase of a small sub division with around 25 homes. I would like to get a good lot since none of the lots have been taken yet. So that is why I want to move on it soon. I tried to do an obsolete on the Chase one with TU 6 months early. No luck. I read EQ might remove things 2-3 months early and EX well is a pain in the flowers.
  11. My TU has two CO counting this one. TU98 713 EQ 3 paid CO + unpaid collection that will drop off in 4 months EQ Fico 690 EX Two CO paid. All of my CO are 6 1/2 years old except one that is from 2008. So as you can see I would love to get at least one more CO removed. The less explaining I will have to do to an UW the better.
  12. I had a chase card that was CO back in 2007 for a really small amount. Well the next year it went to a CA, I paid a CA what they asked for. Turns out they were not the smartest group of people. The amount they asked for was not the entire balance. " It did not say anything about a settlement offer" Five years later when I actually looked at my credit report I saw that Chase had a CO "settled for less than full amount". Well this July I am trying for a home. It pissed me off that I had that remark on my report. Turns out I was $24 dollars short of paying the entire amount. I tried over 15 GW's to different Chase addresses all denied. I just wanted to pay the rest of the balance at least and have it marked as paid in full. Finally after many many letters and phone calls about 3 weeks ago I spoke to someone who was more than happy to take the payment and would update my account to paid in full. So since my account had a zero balance and was settled for less than full amount over 5 years ago can they actually accept a payment from me? " it cleared my bank account" Reason I ask that is their Executive Offices told me they could not accept a payment from me once the account had be closed and settled with a zero balance. Of course I am looking for some sort of reason I can get this dam thing removed or at least changed to "pay as agreed" and I should not even be in this situation with the credit card since it should have never went into a CO because Chase screwed up. That is another story though.
  13. Thanks again. Ya I'm just hoping to qualify for a 240-255k loan the rest I would cover. Plus I also do not want my property tax included in my house payment. Would rather pay it during my tax return for the year. My reserves are not part of my actual retirement however I would like them to be though.
  14. Holy crap. I hope that is not the total home price I could afford and that is my loan amount according to your figures. That would get me a mobile home where I live. Was looking at homes from 308-335k. Thanks for your time.

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