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  1. DW received an auto $250 CLI from CreditOneBank (hahaha). I don't close cards, so it is what is is. New Limit -> $1,950
  2. I've combined newly approved cards with Barclays. Can I choose to combine two older accounts or does one account need to be new?
  3. I thought you received a $18.9k increase for a sec Congrats! LOL, it was $1,100 this morning and after hitting the button it is $20,000. Thank you!! I logged in via mobile site and scrolled to request increase but it says they will obtain a credit report? Is this a soft or hard? Don't want pull a hard for HD. Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk Just checked my reports, it was a hard pull. I just finished an app spree so I am not worried about any additional inquiries but if you are gardening or what not, I would stay away from Home Depot CLI requests.
  4. I thought you received a $18.9k increase for a sec Congrats! LOL, it was $1,100 this morning and after hitting the button it is $20,000. Thank you!!
  5. Squeezed in another CLI using luv button: Citi Home Depot $1,100 -> $20k
  6. Me: BBVA NBA - 30k NFCU CashRewards - 25k Chase Hyatt - 24k DW: NFCU CashRewards - 25k NFCU goRewards - 25k AMEX BCP - 24k
  7. Our Victoria Secret card is at $6000 and it started low like yours. All we did is, literally, every single month, hit the luv button on the website. Some months it will increase some it won't but it never hurts to try. Truthfully, there were times I would check every couple weeks because I would get the itch..
  8. Marvel CLI from $4k -> $20k. Had to call customer service after trying to handle it over chat.
  9. If that's a mini spree, I'd hate to see a full on spree. Congrats!! Thank you!! Last time, I did a "full on" spree it was over 18+ cards, LOL https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=546186&p=5308278
  10. Got an itch and did a mini-spree for my DW this week: Chase Hyatt - 21k Avianca Vuela - 15.5k Penfed Visa - 5k AMEX HHonors - 3k Citi TYP - 3k Barclays AA - 1.5k -> 10k Discover It - pending Capital One Venture - pending Stupid question: when can/should I ask for a CLI from Penfed? Thanks!!
  11. Question - If you request CLI on multiple USAA cards will you get multiple EX pulls or does it combine them? Thanks!
  12. If you do it right, yes So, my steps (I hope these are considered correct) are: 1) Transfer to my venture (no bt fee) 2) Wait until I see my NFCU shows $0 balance and 25k avail credit 3) Use my NFCU bt offer (against the venture balance) 4) Wait 12 months before any interest is owed Sound about right? Thanks!
  13. Hi, NFCU sent me an offer for a free BT before April 30th and 0% APR for 12 months. Question - I have a 5k balance on my NFCU card. Can I use another card to BT it away from NFCU, then bring it back so it's interest free (along with a couple other cards I'll transfer over). Thanks!
  14. http://www.neweggbusiness.com/net-55-terms Thank you! I may not get it, but what is the harm in trying?
  15. How do you apply for a NewEgg net 55 account? I have a business started in Nov 2015 that I need a couple of computers for.

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