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  1. YIPEE!!! Finished rehab and just got info on new payments through Granite State Management... so glad to be here. Now I have a couple of question I figure someone on here can answer. Am I now off the IRS and SS most wanted list? ie. Will the still be taking part of social security check or tax refunds? Or is there something that needs to be done to get these type of garnishments off. Thanks so MUCH!
  2. I recently purchased a 2005 vehicle. When I went to the dealership, I had a paid off trade in vehicle. I filled out a credit app, and after some time waiting the salesman came back and told me I was approved. After signing all the paperwork etc, I drove home with my new car that very evening. Wells Fargo was the lein holder. A few days later I got two snail mails from Wells Fargo, both dated on the the same day. The first one I opened said they were sorry they couldn't approve my loan, and listed a few reasons why and then gave me the usual option to get my credit report from the r
  3. Great! My biggest jump was only 39 points and I thought that was good. When I first started on this journey my score dropped dramatically, cleaning up old stuff etc. Score took a big hit, but now it's been on the rise for the last few months. Hope within the next year I can really gain some ground.
  4. Another good lesson: Even though you have not paid anything on your student loan for 20 years, and have now retired, they will take it out of your Social Security check. They will also take it out of your SS Disability check! Even though you are disabled, and receiving SS Disability that is NOT proof that you are disabled according to the department of education. You would think the fact you were drawing disability and satisfy the evidence to the social security department, does not mean that you are disabled to the DOE pertaining to discharging your SL for disability reasons
  5. I can tell you from first hand experience that a student loan can be discharged due to disability and 10 years later the come collecting again and some how have lost the mounds of paper work you filed to get the loan discharged. By this time many document are gone on your side as well. Dr. passed away, blah blah... You send them copies of all you have and they are still not satisfied. They disappear again for years then another 5 years later a new person is trying to collect. I was also told recently that payments from them withholding a tax refund only paid the interest and di
  6. Myself, I haven't seen that pattern, but I wasn't really looking. I just know that 2 weeks ago it cost me 7 and yesterday it costs me 0. The "friend" was my son. I don't know if it's good that he can pull my score or not... Also is Fair Isaac now Equifax? Just wondering since that's the score that Score Watch monitors, which as we all know it usually the lowest of all three, aleast on my and DH's end.
  7. I just wanted to let everyone in on something I just discovered and don't know if it's been talked about on here before. I have Score Watch with Myfico so I get an alert for different items blah blah blah... anyway.... I know someone who did a hard inquiry to see what would happen as though I was applying for a loan. (I know, not a good idea, but I had to check something out) This pull did not change my score on point! However, about 2 weeks ago I got an alert that my score had dropped 7 point when a collection attorney did a hard pull. I've not heard a word from this co
  8. Gonna stay status quo and get my utilization down to around 10% and let that ride for a few months. Hopefully that will help in several ways. As for doing this for husband. Sorry if I started a conflict. But as I see it, doing it for him is doing it for me as well. We are a couple when it comes to applying for home and auto loans etc. I don't work outside the home, so he's the one with the scorable income. So my score alone is pretty useless. Also when you get started doing this it's hard enough to keep up with getting everything cleaned up when one person is trying to k
  9. I know it was a stupid move putting him on there when I did. I did it right after I got back from my trip to Mississippi to help out in the relief efforts. I made another payment tonight, it will be down to about 30% then. Maybe next month will be better. I swear, you fart and your score changes. I thought I was doing good by adding him, didn't give the utilization a thought at the time. Not going to give up the fight, I guess. Just keep pluggin' along. Not pulling report often. I signed up a several months ago with Myfico to pull reports.
  10. I kept thinking things would get better too. Now I'm not so sure. Actually he was added at the exact time a payment to cc that would make utilization around 50%, but as I look it put it on his report as the amount before the payment. Maybe next month it will go up 3 points...lol. I think I've found the more you leave it alone, the better it will get. Once you get as many baddies off as they will do, fix the addresses, previous names etc. leave it alone for a year or so. I messed with it at the wrong time I guess. It's just everytime I touch it, it slowly drops but so do the
  11. I've been working on husbands credit, trying to clean it up and get it back on track. Paid off a CC, been on time others, settled one and was on the way up. Had gained some points. So I decided to put him as an authorized user on one of my accounts and damn if his score didn't drop 16 friggin points! Actually since I started about a year ago, I started at 586 and even with all the work, as stated above, cleaning up on address, deleting some etc. he's down to 471 from myfico as of today. There is no winning at this is there? The more you try the worse the score gets. I wish now
  12. Lordy be, I can't believe no body and brought up y'all. It beat yous all to pieces in my opinion. I thought yous was an animal. (ewes) Davenport: yeah my grandmother (in Kentucky) used to call a certain kind of couch she had that. It had something to do with the guy who designed this special kind or something. More: Sweatin' like a whore in church. Tighter than ding-a-ling's hat band. Fixin' is especially useful. I'm fixin to go to the store, or I'll take it with all the fixin's. and BTW it is Pecan (PE CON)! Forty 'leven = a lot of whatever Handier than a p
  13. I haven't had time to post on the board of my experience when I went to Gulf Coast to help with recovery efforts. I have many heart breaking stories and some wonderful stories as well. I will get to this soon. In the mean time: I just wanted to post and report in from the location of the devastation of last nights tornado. I have a NOAA weather radio and it started going off around 1:30 am and continued until 3 or later. Our area has been hit HARD. I live in Owensboro, Kentucky just a few short miles from one of the touch downs. There was a tornado that crossed over our
  14. Good Luck!! I hope you don't get side tracked and blocked by the bureaucrats running the show. The road blocks are worse than the old visa check-points in Europe in the "old days". Take a LOT of mosquito repellent, spray your clothes, wear long sleeves and tuck your pants into your boots or socks. Spray your clothes thoroughly. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hello from Bayou La Batre, AL. I've been down here 3 days now and I'm still stunned at the loss and devastation. It's never ending. I have posted some pictures on the site of the organization I'm working with:
  15. Hello from Bayou La Batre, AL. I've been down here 3 days now and I'm still stunned at the loss and devastation. It's never ending. I have posted some pictures on the site of the organization I'm working with: http://photos.safehavennetwork.org/ Be sure to check out the main page of Safe Haven. Safe Haven Network If you have any services you can donate or if you have any needs, please an Ad. This horrific catastrophe is heart wrenching. Many had little to begin with, now even less. My heart bleeds for these people. I feel this is not going to be one of those events where
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