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  1. Do you have the minimum 12 months of payments made as agreed? This and the courts permission are all it should take for you to be eligible? Not all loan officers are familiar with the CH 13 guidelines - you may also find some banks create their own guidelines that may not work for you (they can make it tougher) I would try and find a loan officer that has experience with this - most banks offer the program but your chances will be a lot better if you get someone that can walk you through it - We usually recommend checking with friends or family - they may know of someone locally - if you get a referral ask some questions before deciding to work with them - If that doesnt work out there are online options as well Good Luck BrianBTheLoanProfessor Mortgage Forum Lead That's above mentioned is in process, just trying to stay prepared now. What are the online options? Thank you both for your replies.
  2. Is there a loan company in California that will work with someone while still in Chapter 13?
  3. ... the account as "Paid, Closed". Maybe I misunderstood but seeing as I paid the Original Creditor and NOT the collection company, that it should have be retracted from my reports and they should have not updated. Am I wrong?
  4. Thank you. I was trying to word it correctly but I couldn't get the terms.
  5. Hi all... there was a site that listed what the cap amount of interest could be charged per loan - does anyone know what the site is? It listed personal, pay day, auto, etc. I'm looking for California specifically.
  6. I misunderstood. I looked it up on the IRS website. Sorry to hear about this but thanks for sharing the information.
  7. Could they even prove the debt was yours to 1099 you? Or that they purchased the debt?
  8. Same here. USAA notified me about the breach, then when they found out my account was compromised they issued a new card.
  9. I'm not sure where to post this. Upon moving out, I requested an initial move out inspection multiple times which were never acknowledged. In the "estimate" for the security deposit return, the management company put "attorney fees" in the list of reasons as to why they would keep the security deposit. She stated it was "just a general letter". Um, what? As far as I know, you can't claim attorney fees unless you have gone to court, is courted ordered, etc. Something COURT ROOM related. Not just because you feel like sending it out. My question is, seeing as they are an "agent" for the homeowner, wouldn't that imply that the management company would be a third party debt collector? Wouldn't that be misrepresentation? They are trying to collect an additional amount and she has told me that my suit need to be against the homeowner because they are just "agents". I'm in California, BTW. I will be taking them to small claims because of the denial of the move out inspection and other reasons, just wondering if this would be additional ammo.
  10. I'm not positive but I believe it's only abusive if they are calling repeatedly within a short time frame. So if they are creating an issue where your phone really is constantly ringing then that would be abuse. Send a cease and desist letter by certified mail.
  11. Was your complaint based on the late fee that was assessed?
  12. I also have Credit One Bank on mine... how did you get them to delete and what was the status of the account?
  13. There is a thread somewhere on attempting to remove unpaid charge offs... will someone point me in the right direction? They are still in SOL so I don't plan on doing anything with them at the moment but I would like to work on a plan of attack. Thanks

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