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  1. I unfortunately have a car loan with Santander. It was my only option at the time. This month I noticed a "miscellaneous" fee of $87.87 on my account that they skimmed off my monthly payment. I called their CS and they told me that fee is from a document that I electronically signed over two years ago in 2017 when I opted to "extend" my loan by one month. If I remember correctly I just changed the payment due date. The CS rep could not tell me why this amount was charged. She also told me I would be paying this $87.87 fee three more times and she could not tell me when the fees would be taken. I asked her to send me the document that I signed. She said she was unable to send it because I electronically signed it. I do have the email they sent from 2017 but I cannot access the link anymore. I cannot refinance my loan, as Santander is reporting the account is late, even though on my online account it shows as current. Any advice for handling the miscellaneous fee and Santander reporting my account as late would be greatly appreciated.
  2. THANK YOU! These Santander people are crooks. I truly appreciate the help.
  3. what state are you in? some states cover OC's in their debt collection laws and don't allow harassment. I didn't have this job when I filled out the loan app, so I definitely didn't give it to them as a contact number. I only gave them my home land line. I'm in California.
  4. I made the mistake of getting a loan with Santander 2.5 years ago, but it was my only choice at the time. I extended the loan last year and in doing so, they are considering my loan 30+ days overdue, even though I'm still making monthly payments. Because I'm technically late every month, even though I make monthly payments, their robocaller is calling my work desk phone a few times per week. I called their CS today and asked them to stop calling my work. They said that they require this number, and if I have them remove it as a DNC number, they will call my company's main number or HR or any other company number to reach me. I said that was illegal and they said it isn't because they are not a third party. Then they asked me for the physical address of my work and of course I said no way. After that they said I'd have to write them a physical letter to remove that phone number from my account. BTW, I never gave them the permission to call me at that number in the first place. Thoughts?
  5. They are a CA. The name is Nelson, Watson & Associates LLC. They sent me this documentation via regular mail, no delivery confirmation, signature required, etc. For all they know I didn't receive it. So ... for my accounts that have charged off, I'm supposed to just lay low until the SOL runs out? Is that my best choice? I cannot pay these debts.
  6. The reason I reached out to them is because the account is showing as a collection account on my credit report and I was hoping to get it removed since as you can imagine it tanked my score. I can't pay them in full right now. I was hoping they would settle, best case scenario PFD.
  7. I'm not looking for any more proof, all I'm asking is if they sent what is required by law. I'm in California and my last payment was in 2012. I'm definitely not past the statute of limitations.
  8. I have a charged off CC debt from Capital One that is now with a CA. I sent a DV letter a few weeks ago and got a package in the mail today back from the CA. It includes a letter from them stating that my debt is valid, and includes copies of my original application for the CC (in 2002) and 2 years of CC statements. Nothing else was included. Is this enough to prove the debt is valid? If so, I'm kind of lost on what to do next. I'm also confused if they haven't provided the correct proof. Please help! Thanks!
  9. There is SO much information on this site, excuse me for posting what might be answered elsewhere. I hope someone can help guide me. I'm currently unemployed, and have been since the end of June. I am collecting unemployment, and am barely scraping by, but doing a little better thanks to taking on a roommate who is paying half my rent. After paying for my basic expenses (phone, power, food, health insurance) I honestly don't have any extra money to pay off any of my CC debt. I have been pulling from savings and retirement to keep up with my CCs but I barely have anything left and I just can't keep up. I can't sacrifice any more of my savings. I have gotten a settlement offer from Chase which would reduce my balance by 50% but I am wondering if I can push my luck and tell them I can't even pay that much. I also got settlement letters from Citi (I have 2 cards with them) but they are only offering to reduce my balances by 30%. I have received no other letters. My total CC debt is over $50K. (This wouldn't be an issue if I was working, as I usually make $125-150K/year.) My only card that I have been able to keep current is my Macy's card, as the payment is about $25/month and my balance is about $375. I am wondering at this point .... do I try and get settlements first and hope that I'll find employment again soon? (I live in a fairly large city that is not experiencing huge levels of unemployment.) Or do I go straight for bankruptcy and just start over? I did have plans to purchase a new car and buy a condo within the next year or so, but I'm assuming that's not going to happen at this point since I'm sure my credit is trashed. Thanks for the input!

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