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  1. All positive trade-ins have our new address. Even the mortgage we had has our new address, as business was done with them and they mailed to this address. So, Im just not going to worry about the 2-year bit... I don't know if we can get the old address deleted, but I am going to try. It would definitely help! THANK YOU
  2. There is at least one other collection that is not medical. But mainly, yes, for medical collections.
  3. I'm following WhyChat for the medical parts, but there is more on hubby's report. It ALL starts with deleting old addresses. I just need to know if I can do this, and if it is wise since we've only lived here 9 months.
  4. Yes, it has been... years... since I've been on here. I went back to school, graduated, and am now working as a nurse. I also cleaned up my credit- quite a bit! I am driving a brand new car and increased my CLI- thanks NFCU! I also have Barclays and a brand new Discover. Yea! Now I am working on hubby's reports. We moved last summer, and were at our previous home for 21 years. First step, I know is to delete old addys. BUT- it asks if we have been at our new place for 2 years. Can I go ahead and try to delete? He has a ton of med CA's I want gone. We are renting right now, and I want good numbers before we go for another mortgage. Thanks!
  5. Another vote for Caring Bridge. Live experience got me involved with several families of children who have severe special needs and/or are medically fragile. This is a wonderful site not only for you to be able to chronicle everything, but also to update everyone (that you wish to) much more easily.
  6. Praying, Giraffy. Nothing hurts more than seeing our children hurt. Nothing.
  7. Hit 700's across the board and buy a new (to me) vehicle. Remove collections (mostly medical) from our reports. I'm already with NFCU, and we've had previous car loans with them. We just need to get our scores back into range to do it again.
  8. Jeeeeezzzzzzzzzz................ Has it been that long since I've done anything??? I was thinking I had to get the real score from each site. ^%#&&%$@%Q$!!!!!!!!!!! Grrr. I just wanted to have a starting point so I can see my progress once I get moving on cleaning all this up (now that the 2nd mortgage is gone).
  9. I went to EX & EQ to get my reports, and I bought my REAL score from each of them. But when I tried to do that at Transunion, all I could find was their monthly service. I don't want that right now- just the score. Am I missing something? (maybe I just need more coffee?)
  10. Sounds like a great deal...Congrats! It's too bad they wait until we are so delinquent to offer anything! Were there offers prior to this one that you refused? How much did they tack on in fees since you stopped paying? Good luck on the clean up road! They tacked on thousands and thousands. I would guess that at over half that $27K was fees and outrageous interest. We tried working with the last company that owned it, sent in pictures, had comps done of the area, etc, and then they suddenly sold it to WF. WF offered us $15K a couple months ago. I laughed. She was really pissed for awhile, but came around. But it was a stand still. Then she offered $9K. That may as well of been $90K, cuz it just wasn't going to happen. Then she offered us $6K. We countered with $5K and she jumped at it. (makes me wonder how low they eventually would have gone, but then I remind myself that we just gained $22K in equity in our home!!!!!!) A family member loaned us the money, and now we breathe!
  11. Is this your principal residence? If so, you may be able to file a form 982 which allows you to not have to pay taxes on the forgiven amount. You can find more information on it here: Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act This is going to be a huge help to us, as we just settled for $22,000 less than we owed on our second mortgage.
  12. FIRST POST: We haven't paid on it in forever- it is a second mortgage. With the market like it is, our first mortgage in now about even with what the house is worth. The second mortgage, with all the late fees, etc is about $27,000 (13% interest). We can settle by the end of the month at $5000. A family member has given us the cash the do it. The loan was with Homeq, and was just sold to WellsFargo. The worst part of this is that it is being collected by Tiburon Financial. I hate the idea of paying a collection agency, but I really think this would be in our best interest- especially since the written off amount won't be taxed this year! I was putting this off while they wanted $11K, but now I think is my time to leap. Feedback, anyone? (Of COURSE I will get this in writing- no collecting on the balance, etc. Help with any wording there would also be greatly appreciated) **************************** UPDATE: This is the letter they just faxed me. How does this sound??? In reference to the above-mentioned account, Tiburon Financial LLC, working on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank, has agreed to accept a settlement in full in the amount of $5K due to our office no later than (tomorrow noon). Upon clearance of the settlement payment as good funds, our client is notified of the agreed funded settlement. They are responsible for both issuing any lien release required, as well as to update your credit profile with those agencies previously notified. Please allow 4-6 weeks for this update to occur. I soooooooo want this to be over! Once this is gone, we can work to clean up all the smaller things that made our report pitiful enough for them to accept this at 18% of the balance. (Sorry to have this on here twice, but like I stated above, I think this may be a better fit on the board)

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