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  1. +$1400 on a six month old AAdvantage card. CL is now $6.4K. Cool.
  2. Hmm got a few things: Denial letter from Citi on the HHonors Visa Signature...too many recent inquiries (last one was their's on the AAdvantage card I got in May, oh well) Sportsman's Guide Visa card with Chip to replace expiring one FAB&T MasterCard with $3K limit Replacement Amazon store card which is actually plastic now (I had lost the paper version somewhere in my office)
  3. Mostly an EX puller for the worst part...
  4. I also got a Discovery CLI denial letter in the mail today. It's like why do I even bother. Also got an offer for two free nights and $100 free play at one of my favorite casinos in Vegas. Hopefully I can use it before the New Year.
  5. 5/24 denial letter from Chase on the United Explorer card...figured I'd waited too long but I had tried for a 50K points offer that was emailed to me. Oh well.
  6. New Home Depot card with $500 limit. Activated and got a CLI to $5K using the pull they used on the app. I'm happy. Also took another hard pull and got my Best Buy Visa up from $1K to $5K today. It's been a good day.
  7. More BT checks from Citi..second set in less than a week. 0% till September 2017 or 1.99% to June 2018. Pre-approval letter for Williams Sonoma Visa.
  8. APR is 0% if you PIF...unless, of course, that card doesn't have a grace period...does it have an AF? Doesn't Merrick Bank have the same credit underwear staining characteristics as Credit One and First Premier? I'm not sure. Hasn't been an issue for me so far........ I've got a Merrick CC. No AF or other fees. APR is 24%. Nothing spectacular though. Thing about Merrick is you have to pay attention to their offers. Their offers and T&C are all over the place. Everything from cards like mine, all the way up to outright fee harvesters. Not sure I've ever seen a Credit O
  9. Oh - today SoFi sent another offer to refi my student loans. Meh.
  10. An offer for a Merrick Bank "Double Your Line' Visa...$700 initial CLI and $1400 after 6 on-time payments...36.49% interest...yeah I'll be hopping on that straight away. Balance X-fer checks from Citi and BOA.
  11. Mine just upgraded to the MC as well....it was a pain in the butt getting CLI's on the Smart Connect (even with good TU score), but I was instantly upped from $2.5K to $6K with little issue. TU 698.
  12. PayPal Extras card (an upgrade I got bumped up to $6K via credit solutions) Some pamphlet highlighting the benefits of my recently acquired Citi AAdvantage card Some offer to refinance my student loans.
  13. geekcub


    SyncB Cards do grow nicely...as long as your profile is free of baddies. Here's what I have with SYNCB currently...mostly increased through credit solutions. Most of them started off as sub-$500 limits...would get small increases of maybe $500 at a time on some of them but once my TU became clean they were willing to offer more. I'm slightly under 700 but could probably get more if I was over 700. Oldest account is the Walmart which is about 3 years old...the Dual Cards I was approved for earlier this year, and some of dual cards were upgrades from store cards. Old Navy $6,000.00 JC P
  14. New Citi AAdvantage Card Denial from Citi on the HHonors Visa Signature (apparently they don't like you applying for more than one product in one day, no 2nd pull done, thank goodness) PIN number for AAdvantage card and approval letter Denial letter from BOA. Pre-approval letter (3rd one) for the Home Depot card, 25.99% interest this time (last one was 26.99), same as cash offers for 12/18 months, etc Replacement PayPal debit card Traveler's insurance begging me to do a quote. Sounds so so exciting. lol.
  15. Yeah...wait it out. You might have gotten it...I got mine with a lower score. Double pull is brutal though.
  16. Citi is a hard nut to crack...and I've never even burned them in the past! I also tried for the Citi HHonors card afterwards feeling a bit cocky (and considering AMEX won't give me one)....no dice. Maybe next time. Looking forward to using it on my upcoming trip, and hopefully I'll have enough bonus points to go on another one. lol
  17. It's official...the Travelocity AMEX is dead. Just got my new barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard in the mail earlier this week. Looks like they're giving out "World" MasterCards even to those under $5K (mine was only $1K)
  18. Well...after what's felt like forever...I'm in with one of Citi's "prime" cards. Even though it's the AAdvantage card, they gave me the highest initial limit I've ever had. $5K (Sure, I do have limits over $5K, but they are either on store cards or I've had recon them ala SYNCB Credit Solutions.) Have had a Brooks Bros store card that transferred over from SYNCB, and a Best Buy Visa that I got last October. Tried for a Double Cash a few months back and was shot down. I did have a PR on my EX that dropped off so maybe that had something to do with it? FICO 8 according to AMEX is 680
  19. I'm at $18,800 right now...that'll buy a few oxford shirts or whatever.
  20. Called credit solutions today and got my CLI to $6K. Seems to be the most they'll give you on one card if under 700, with the exception of the Stash Visa I have which was increased from $1.5K to $8K with same scores. My SYNCB gas major cards seem to have a lower ceiling (I have $4K on both my BP and Chevron Visas) I eat out quite a bit so this will make up nicely for missing for the Chase AARP boat.
  21. I just got approved for $1500...gonna call credit solutions tomorrow. I'm sure I could get it to $6K to match the other major SYNCB cards I have...seems to be the most they'll give me on one card for now. 690 TU here. so definitely easier to get than EBATES!
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