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  1. 725 --> 741. Pretty decent balance reporting now, just time other than that.
  2. 694 --> 690. Accidentally let 0% utilization report. Woops!
  3. Once all those cards are 6 months old, app every prime issuer. Yep and don't forget to get a no AF card with each prime issuer so you can keep them forever for the age. Thanks! That's the plan!
  4. 710 --> 694. Ouch. Change in reporting balances.
  5. Got two amices in november 14'. My only other lines are Walmart store card ($2900) and Navy cash rewards ($17,000). Hoping to get in good with some other prime lenders!
  6. No D*, but I have a decent limit with them now (13,500). I hoping for my next round of cards to exceed that.
  7. I didn't realize they took that long to report a new limit. It was about a month when they first reported my cards. Bummer….
  8. I'm dying over here! I've been waiting for my new AMEX limit to report before I go on my first real app spree. Its been since Feb. 4th! Statement already cut and everything. What is going on here? Any guesses? I need new plastic in my life!
  9. Way to go Tammy!! I've been following your progress and you have done great!! I need to step my credit card game up..
  10. Start it over even though I have done so twice already? Sorry, I just don't see the outcome being any different.

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