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  1. I'm willing to wait the few weeks it will take for the CO to fall off on its own. If for some reason it doesn't, I'll dispute it, of course. Over all, do you think I'm in a good position to get a much better card on my own credit?
  2. My credit profile is rather thin. We've mainly been cash payers for years and let our credit go to crap. I haven't gotten my real FICO scores (only FAKOs) CK: 645 and CS: 700ish My positives: Capital One Secured $300 CL $1.22 balance Opened 12/12 no lates US Bank Platinum (AU on Hubs acct) $9000 CL $725 balance opened 3/13 no lates. Chase SW (AU on Hubs acct) $8500 CL $3000 balance opened 7/13 no lates. Car loan paid in full set to fall off 4/13 no lates My negatives: BofA DOFD 09/08, settled for less than full balance. Set to fall off 09/15. I'm sure I have at least one reason to dispute, which I will likely post to its own thread. HSBC CO (sold to Cap One) set to fall off 01/2014. I'm thinking I'm in pretty good shape to apply for a card in my name alone that's not secured. There are 2 inquiries on my reports. My thoughts are that I should start applying after the CO falls off in January and BEFORE the positive car loan TL falls off in April 2014. SOOoooooooo. What say you?
  3. Thanks. That's what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. Although I paid a CA it's BofA that's reporting it. This is supposed to stay with me until Sept 2015 and in a few weeks it will be my only baddie. I have a pretty thin file so I think it's about time I go on the offense. As far as I can tell it's the only thing that's incorrect on the tradeline so I don't think a Jack attack will work.
  4. Hello CBers! Hoping you can shed some light on this for me. Back in October of 2009 (before I ever heard of CB) I settled a cc w/ BofA for $884. The account reports as 'Closed' and 'Settled for less than full balance' AND 120 days past due. Can they report it as 120 days late until it falls off or is that something I can dispute? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. Thanks for the info. I didn't want to close a good account w/ some nice age if it wasn't necessary.
  6. We are in the process of refinancing w/ USBank and were originally told that we can have our HELOC subordinated. Today they informed us that the underwriters require it to be closed. Is this normal? Here are some numbers in case it makes any difference: Loan amt $169,000 HELOC $20,000/$0 balance Home value $235,000 The loan officer told us if we want a home equity with a zero balance they have some available. Not sure I'm o.k. with this. Is this just so they can sell us another loan or am I being cynical?
  7. Is this Fox Collections in Tennessee? If so, let me know and I can tell you what worked for me. They were great to work with.
  8. If I had enough cash to pay for all of my needs I wouldn't worry about my or thehusband's scores at all. We've lived off cash for the past several years, quite happily. The issue we ran into is trying to refi our home. Until we addressed his score and few baddies on his report it just wasn't gonna happen at the rate we needed. Since then I've worried about my score in the event we had to get a new home loan. I've come to see credit history as a necessary annoyance. Neither one of us has had a valid credit card for the past 5 or so years yet we have no difficulty renting a car, buying plane tickets or anything else we had the money set aside for.
  9. Congratulations, if you have a few thousand or hundred to spare I would throw it on that card now.. Limits beget limits. INteresting...I never thought of that. So what you're saying is that if I put $3000 on the card now then it'll be easier to get a higher limit unsecured card in the future? And maybe even sooner? Would I be able to skip the store cards in their entirety?
  10. Well, the deed is done. $49 deposit for $200 limit. ...and so the rebuild begins. I originally found this site to help thehusband's credit report so he/we could refi. Thanks to all who have contributed on these forums, I've gotten his score up 40-50 points (depending on reporting agency) since October of this year. Considering we haven't had any credit cards (by choice) for the last several years we're pretty happy w/ that.
  11. Greetings! LONG time lurker, first time poster. Here's what I'm working with....I don't have enough history for a FICO score. The only 3 tradelines I have are as follows: BOA- Settled for less than full balance in 10/09, DOFD 7/08. Due to fall off 7/15 HSBC- CO 12/06, transferred to Cap 1 at some point after. Due to fall off 1/14 Citi Fin- car paid satisfactorily (even early!) due to fall off report in May, 2014. I'm looking to rebuild and thinking that a secured card will be my only hope. I'd like to avoid asking anyone to be an authorized user if it can be helped. Will Cap 1 look at the CO from 6 years ago and decline for that reason? Thoughts?

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