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  1. Hello, I have found sample letters for disputing old addresses but is there a letter to dispute names and social security numbers? My mother and I have similar names. I'm Carol Ann and she is Carolyn Mary. We used to have the same last name and of course, I lived with her in my teens and 20s but its been 25 years since I lived with her. They still have her name and social security listed on my credit reports. I've disputed on line (I know you are not supposed to do that) Is there a letter for this kind of thing? It seems like a way worse offense then just old addresses so I'd like my letter to reflect that importance. Also, what kind of evidence if any should I send to them? Do I need to get a lawyer involved? She doesn't have bad credit but I don't want anything to screw up my credit by accident.
  2. Thanks, Marv. She has had a pretty clean report other than those lates and her monthly expenses are very low, only 500 a month toward a home equity line of credit. She hasn't worked since 2005 but gets a pretty sizeable monthly pension. I'm just hoping my dad's dementia doesn't screw her over for a lease. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Thanks, Marv! Do you know which score/report Honda pulls? The lates are not on Experian. And is it worth paying for Myfico scores to check before I go to Honda? I don't want a hard pull on her report if we are not buying that day.
  4. Anyone know what credit bureau Honda (in Neewark, DE to be specific) pulls from?
  5. Hello, I haven't been on here in years so I"m not sure if MyFico scores are still THE official scores. I'm asking because I found some recent (late 2017 and early 2018) late payments on two of my elderly mother's closed credit card accounts on TU and EQ but not Exp. We are leasing/financing a car tomorrow for her at hopefully, Honda. I don't know who they use to check credit. I want to know how negatively these lates (due to my dad's dementia) will affect her rate. I thought checking MyFico would at least show me if her score is only affected partially. Her Credit Karma score is 780 but I know that is not very accurate. But everything I'm seeing seems to show the MyFico is no good anymore. Where can I pay for the best scores to see if we need to wait to get her a car (which would be majorly inconvenient)?
  6. Thanks, everyone! That's what I thought about what the bank said. I think its also in their best interest to have my sister open a NEW card.
  7. Bump Influence Scroll Keeper V <3, What is a UW? Also, I suggested to my sister do this for her 20 year old daughter to build her credit and she said she asked her bank about it and they "poopoo"ed it saying that since credit goes by social security number that it wouldn't affect her enough when it came to a mortgage. Is this BS or what? I'm sure they wanted to push her into getting a credit card from them.
  8. Yes, it's fresh. I generated it two minutes before I posted it. Can you explain to me how the "in health care" fee waiver works? That's a new one to me. So you are saying that we could potentially get as low as 3.75% right now?! So then how is 4.2% good? Sorry, I just thought that 4.2% was the low right now. As far as the healthcare thing, I'm not sure but based on his company, they give discounts for people in certain industries. They waive the application and commitment fee. The mortgage bank uses the Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Could this be why we got 4.2% and not a lower number? Sorry to ask so many questions.
  9. One more question on this 'recognizable mortgage lender": Bidding wars are a big issue in the area that I live. If there is multiple offers on a house, and the seller needs to pick a buyer to go with, why wouldn't they chose the better known bank or lender? If I were a seller, I'd want to pick the most likely buyer to have the available funds, and a reliable bank so they deal wouldn't fall through at the last minute.
  10. Thanks, I do remember talk about lumping the closing costs into the loan. Is your handy chart above current? I thought no one was getting below 4% as of today?
  11. Thanks, Brian! My mortgage guy gets zero fees. There were fees, but they are waived because my husband and I are in healthcare. He states to expect 3-4% in closing costs (ie. attorney, tax and title (in NJ). But stated that it will all be itemized when we go to close.
  12. Hi, Brian What costs do you mean other than the price of the house? We are locked in but our guy can do a "refresh" in his system if we have improvements in our scores for any reason (won't be another hard pull). The process, we just did a pre-approval (hard pull), and haven't fully started working with a realtor. We just started going to open houses and watching Trulia for the past year. We are ABOUT to hire a realtor and start looking. Also, we have a pre-approval for $400,000 at 20% based on our max budget. Plus we only have 20% of 400,000 if we borrow from our 401ks from our company and pay back over 5 years. We have $70,000 in cash but the rest would be from our 401k.
  13. Started my own thread: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=588440
  14. Hello, I started a new thread at the suggestion of someone else. My husband and I just got pre-approved for $$400,000 at 4.2% interest with 20% down. My husbands scores had the lower mid score at 754 so it's based on that. We both have "clean" credit (or so we thought, explanation below) after years of working on Creditboards. We have no collections, no judgements, no hard pulls, etc. My husband has like three ccs with less than $100 on each with high available credit on each. He has one 30, 60, and 90 day late from TD back in 2012 that they were supposed to remove, even wrote him a letter saying they would, but they never did, and guess what....he lost the letter! So there is his only ding. Should he do the 0, 0, $2 balance to get a bump in his score? The company we applied with can do a "refresh" if we improve our credit without another hard pull. I, on the other hand, have $30,000 in student loans (never late), and two credit cards with 50% utilization. My mortgage scores were 767 EX, 759 TU, 758 EQ. Are we getting a good deal?
  15. USAA has a good service to monitor your credit, and when you are cleaning your credit, a monthly report to watch the things fall off is helpful. And as your credit improves, so does the score. It is still a measure of improvement in credit. So I wasn't relying on the scores to tell me what I'd be approved for or what rate, it was to show me that my report is 100% CLEAN and scores are improving. So I went in with a 100% clean report, and didn't think I needed to check myfico because we are buying immediately no matter what the score was. THAT is why I was using USAA knowing that the real FICO would be different. I just didn't think it would be BETTER than USAA. I assumed FAKOS were always more favorable than the real scores.

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