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  1. TMI it was a discussion of a drink at an airport that they were both passing through as I recall.. Next time I will ask if they ever got together for a beer... JEEZE...Kman is like macho man and Uber is the CAT... They are both made men. right. rendezvous in the airport men's room. You must be some kind of expert? http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chug&defid=113371 Games up buddy... I'll compromise by banging you just this one time, HL Well, I misunderstood the stuff from HL and thought she was referring to me as the one compromising my character. HL, I sincerely apologize.
  2. And I'm the only guilty party about harassing people about their sexuality? Really? Did you guys read the comments preceding to mine?
  3. Chugs, you OWE Lizzie and HL an apology as well as the CB Community in general. We are waiting. If not, I could care less if we ever hear from you again. That comment was directed to JayB, not to HL or anyone else. And no, don't hold your breath for an apology.
  4. Oh, that reminds me. Brb. I know you didn't direct that at me. actually, you're correct. I didn't direct it at you. The only little mouse here is JayB27.
  5. you're full of chocolate. If you are going to make fun of my sexuality, then be ready to take some in return. give some, take some. nothing about disrespecting women.
  6. YES. Seriously? Blow me. You guys can dish it out to me but then cry like little b*tches?
  7. Start reading the pinned topic for beginners (see top of credit forum) Call EQ, TU and EX and request hard copies of your credit reports. You can pay for them (30 days for disputes vs 45 days with the free reports). Post negatives here.
  8. that's what I was referring to I think it's funny that cops will compromise their sexuality to make an arrest. There's a movie in that somewhere... Give her a big fat hug and kiss for me. Nah. They compromise their "character" when they work undercover in any operation. And we're assuming it's a compromise. ETA: Damnit, you were editing while I was quoting. Will do! I'll compromise by banging you just this one time, HL
  9. i couldn't get past the first 1/3 of your monster paragraph. i really tried.
  10. GW for the lates. Are you still a Detroit Edison customer? My previous utility company used to report my payment history. However, the history (no lates though) disappeared once I terminated service. WhyChat HIPAA for the medical. Pay the Chex. Pay down your balances. Should boost your FICO nicely.
  11. It's ok to pay for CR in this case. It's worth the $. Credit repair costs money in the form of time, stamps, paper, CMRR, etc.
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