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  1. Verizon is a nightmare to deal with - I have been fighting to get them removed from my partner's reports to no avail. PFD does not work, they sent me a letter confirming that, nor can you expect any goodwill from their executive office (in my experience anyway). They continue to update with the CRAs right away but I cannot get them to respond to most of my correspondence and they have never provided me with any of the documentation I have requested on how they calculate the balance. From what I have read, even if you pay them, they will continue reporting in the most negative way for the full length of time they can. It is so stupid to me over $355 - I would gladly pay it if they would stop reporting it charged off monthly. I think my next attempt will be arbitration.
  2. I have a Fingerhut account almost a year old, never used it. Would it help me to close it?
  3. Definitely FAKO scores. My USAA score is a 771. Sigh, if only...
  4. ajr80


  5. Does Chase reconsider applications with a co-signer? And do they expedite delivery?
  6. My Amazon account started at $400 limit, then auto-increased to $1900 5 or 6 months ago. Since then, they will not increase the limit. I have called and requested online and every time been declined. Belk went from $250 to $900 then two months ago, to $1400. I don't think they will increase that one again for a while? Banana was $400, then $500, then $900. Chevron went $650 to $800. My Walmart card was $250, then $550, now $800. I use Amazon and Banana, occasionally Belk and Walmart, and never Chevron because we don't have them in North Carolina.
  7. Belk - $1,400 Amazon - $1,900 Walmart - $800 Banana Republic - $900 Chevron - $850 Express - $900 J Crew - $450 Genesis - $2,000 Firestone - $900 Most will reach one year of age in February. Thanks!
  8. I understand the rates are high, but I will pay it off within two months. Is Lending Club inquiry sensitive?
  9. I made the mistake a year ago of opening a bunch of store cards in an effort to build credit. Is there an advantage to closing them or should they just be left open and at $0 balance?
  10. Canceling the wedding or its venue is not an option haha. And the wedding is $30K altogether, which is apparently the average cost of an American wedding these days. Lending Club is the best option? The account will be paid in full by January.
  11. Any recommendations for obtaining a personal loan or line of credit? Should I go this route or should I apply for another credit card? Basically I need to get a $10,000 credit line to finish paying off my wedding which has cost a small fortune. Equifax pullers are a no go--its my lowest score and I have an obscene amount of inquiries due to two auto purchases. TU is my best - 691 FICO and 4-5 inquiries (dropping almost daily), then EX with 685 (but about 20 inq.). NFCU will not increase my CL, so they aren't an option. I may potentially have a co-signer...would Chase be a good option?
  12. Thank you - so I did the whole thing backwards. I can't find the backdoor number for AMEX. Can you tell me which one to use?
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