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  1. Did you finish this process? How did it go? Who pays for the appraisal?
  2. ten months is the goal based on a budget and adding in some fluff.
  3. What is the preferred way to finance home improvement. Sub $30k cost with good credit. Not sure if a loan or line of credit, second mortgage etc is a better avenue than the rest.
  4. I think I’m going to dedicate my membership rewards to flying domestically. I believe the best value for many segments sill be transferring to British Airways. How can I look at the ticket prices (in points required) for flights with BA prior to transferring my points there?
  5. Awesome. Thank you for posting. This was really helpful to understand what is covered and what isn't .
  6. Thanks for your feedback. It appears buying airline gift cards is dead. How have you used your airline credits? I have read through the lists of what triggers the credits and what doesn't. The only thing that seems interesting is inflight drinks lol. We don't pay for checked bags, or assigned seats. It would be nice if upgrades were covered but alas they are not.
  7. Also, are the benefits per calendar year? If I get the card this month, can I use all the benefits again, such as the airline credit, next year and then cancel before the annual fee comes due again?
  8. Found it. Do you know if buying a airline gift card will trigger the credit? I have done it in the past but haven't applied for a card in a while
  9. DFW has a lounge so that’s good
  10. I can’t find where Amex lists a $200 travel credit as a benefit. Are you sure that’s not just chase?
  11. Is there a thread aimed at maximizing the Platinum card? I have an offer for 100k points plus 10x points at grocery stores and I am not sure if I want to apply or not. From what I can find here are some highlights to consider. Annual fee is $550 points are worth approximately $.02 a point when redeemed for travel. get $15 a month for Uber or Uber eats plus an extra $20 in December= $200 annual $100 in Saks credits $100 for Global Entry I would probably get the card and cancel it before the second annual fee came due. Is there anything else I should consider?
  12. I just graduated in December and none of my loans are in default. I have been looking at consolidating them and saw that you can do so right on the FAFSA website (studentaid.gov). If I choose to consolidate directly with them, are they making a determination for credit worthiness like a private company would or since you already owe it to them, they simply move it from x amount of buckets to one bucket? Thanks
  13. I am not even sure its worth refinancing at this point or who is offering the best rates. I am financing a new truck for 72 months at 4.65%. Should I look at anyone for refinancing? Thank you
  14. nolanryan


    I am sure there are many new faces and some old as well. A few years ago, I was a relatively active member as I rebuilt my credit and chased larger limits, sign up bonuses, etc. I've been busy the past few years thus haven't contributed as much as I would like. I went back to school and grabbed a degree, I quit a good paying job that I loathed and switch industries, started a small business to help in the interim, and plotted out a path to a dream job in aviation that I landed this past October. With things settling down, I finally found myself with more time to do the things I love. In my hiatus, I have become rusty and will have to learn this hobby again as I have forgotten much and what hasn't been forgotten has probably changed. I look forward to becoming familiar with this place again and connecting where I can. Chris
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