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  1. Well I came here and found what I was looking for. Chase slashed my limits, most likely due to high utilization on two individual cards. I wasn't sure if it was worth calling them or not. Sounds like I just need to pay off the business expenses and look to rebuild later. Appreciate the help CB.
  2. I felt there is at least one person out there who could benefit from my post. I am not sure what exactly triggered it but my activity, along with anyone else who ms, must have been highly suspicious. I had two or three bank account shut downs over this period of time coupled with daily deposits of money orders in the sum of $1000's of dollars each deposit.
  3. Yeah me too. The whole thing was not pleasant. I really think I lucked out.
  4. Things might have changed. This was two years ago at this point.
  5. Can't tell if sarcasm. Hope everything has been going great for you Hegemony.
  6. Hi CB, I haven't been on in some time. Been busy and my credit has been in cruise control since I cleaned it up. I did have the privilege of going through an audit with the IRS due to my ms activities and thought I would share and provide some information to the community as well as a word of caution. I was audited for 2016 and later expanded to included 2015 as well. After running approximately 500k through my WF card, the IRS determined that I owed approximately $250,000 in back taxes plus penalties and interest. I'll fast forward to the end and let you know the IRS eventually adjusted the numbers and removed everything they tacked on. My only saving grace was that at some point during my ms adventure, I decided it was a good idea to start holding on to everything. So while I was missing a few weeks, I had the majority of every gift card receipt, money order receipt, and deposit slip. I was advised that, had I not had that, the IRS would have had to designate every deposit as additional income. Regardless, it was a major pain trying to get statements for banks and credit cards, when some where no longer open, and try to put it all back together to be able to show the IRS. In the end, all is right in my world and everything ended up working out but I did want to caution anyone interested in ms. To each their own but just remember, there is always the possibility of the IRS getting involved. NR
  7. nolanryan

    Chase 5/24

    Will do. I will probably GP it. I switched companies and now work for SW and want to have some points as back up.
  8. nolanryan

    Chase 5/24

    Hi! I did a few searches and I believe I found my answer here. Is 5/24 still in full effect for Chase SW Rapid Rewards? This thread is fairly recent and it sounds like it still is. TIA
  9. Yeah we will see. But at this point I'm sure it will be paid out. It would be hard to back pedal after sending out that email.
  10. Surprised there isn't more buzz on this. I have $970 bucks coming that wasn't expected. Guess everyone else was paid out originally or doesn't like free money ?
  11. Correction. I just went and looked at my statements. I maxed out the $10k and wasnt paid any bonus $$$. So maybe I have the other $900 bucks coming. That would be sweet.
  12. I can't remember what I ran through it. I tried to find the original thread with no luck. I know I posted in there.
  13. Did anyone else get an email? Thank you for enrolling on September 18, 2015 in our promotional offer of 10% Cashback Bonus® on up to $10,000 in Discover® card purchases made with Discover card in Apple Pay from September 16, 2015 to December 31, 2015. Based on an internal review, we have decided to award you additional Cashback Bonus related to this promotion. It will appear on your statement within the next two billing cycles. Their guess work resulted in not getting paid out on anything. Maybe I have some cash in the way?

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