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  1. I was actually trying to avoid a Medical collection getting on to my Credit Report. Then I found that there is an old Paid Collection on my Account that was from March 2011. The CA is unknown but the OC is Comcast. I never paid the CA or even remember seeing a letter from them. I called the CA and they told be that the amount was for $7, and could not provide more info I think this was the last bill from a previous address that got delayed but I paid Comcast somewhat late. I had absolutely no idea about the CA. Please advise. I am trying to get a loan from a bank and this $7 is killing my credit score (740 on Experian). I already started a dispute with Experian and am waiting for response.
  2. After getting a letter from a CA, I called the hospital and simply paid the amount directly using a credit card. The hospital simply mentioned the amount due and I paid that. This amount is same as the one on CA letter. I dont know if I did the right thing or not but should I be calling the hospital (OC?) and talk to them ? (nothing on CR yet) What is OC?
  3. I is a similar situation as that of the original poster of this thread. I have very good credit, but got into a CA situation. Unfortunately, starting end of last year, I am running into a series of bad luck situations. Had three separate medical issues that I could not avoid or postpone. On top of it, there was a fire accident at my home and lost all my belongings. I am living in a new place for past 4 months till my home is repaired. Out of laziness or confusion or because I have a travelling job or wanting to call insurance again, whatever it is, I forgot to pay to the hospital the remaining amount that the insurance did not pay. It is my mistake to not have taken care of it. The amount is about $550. I setup a payment plan with the hospital but forgot that too. So after about 40 days from the first statement, I got a letter from CA Last Week. After searching the internet for answers, I called the Hospital and just make the payment in full using a credit card. I did not say anything about CA Letter or Payment plan, just paid it all. My thought process behind this was that I will contact CA later that the account is already paid or I will ask the Hospital to recall the CA record. So far, nothing on my Credit Report. I am seeking advice on what I should be doing next. Should I write to the hospital that they remove all references to the CA and indicating I already paid in full with Credit Card? What should I do with the CA letter? Please help !! Btw, the letter jolted me out of my inertia and I ended up paying my other 2 bills in tune of over $800.

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