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  1. http://www.demflyers.com/2016/02/13/step-by-step-guide-to-removing-au-cards-from-your-credit-reports/ I saw this on Twitter and responded saying it was a terrible idea. They are saying that because your are an AU your aren't liable for the account. I know that is true from the T&C on some credit accounts but it still seem extremely shady having the account removed. What are the thoughts here on CB?
  2. Freedom is 5% this quarter up to $1500 spending. Buy 3x $500 Visa earn $75 in cash back. Fees: $4.95 per Visa card, x3. Fees: .50 in Money Order Fees at your local grocery x3. $75 - 14.85 = 60.15 -$1.50= Profit $58.65
  3. I would still hit Simon for the initial $6500 to activate the 5% at G/G/D. If you spend prior to that at G/G/D it will eat into the $50k in annual spending.
  4. One trip to Simon Mall. Go big or go home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah some people I know are reporting 30k plus limits on Venture and Spark. The highest is $48k just wondering if they have a max exposure.
  6. Does anyone know how high Capital one credit limits go? Specifically the Cap one business Spark card? I thought there was a thread recently about cap one giving out higher limits but I can't find it.
  7. Dang, wish I would have checked this thread before hitting the love button. I requested a CLI and got a pending notification. I don't put much spending on my card bs got an auto $1.5 on the 30th. Limit is $16.5k
  8. I don't think so. How often can you churn the SPG Business?Terms on the Biz SPG says if you haven't had the card in the last 12 mo you are eligible for the bonus. So the INK Plus blows it out of the water on churning. After some careful research I was wrong about Chase and SPG being equally Churnable. 12 month is the standard for Amex business cards. While Chase seems to have an 24 month rule. But as of late it seems the Chase is scrutinizing applications even more. By all means unfreeze your EX report and make butter with Chase. Let me know how it works out for you.
  9. You are forgetting the 50-70k sign up bonuses that are churnable with INK Plus. You can also churn SPG business just like Ink. And Chase is cracking down on churners as of the last few days. Both are a wash when it comes to churning for bonuses. $50k in spending for Ink isn't that much and can go quickly with a heavy M$er. I don't care to deal with the cap and the $200 cards anymore. You're right in that you can't transfer to SW I forgot that. But for domestic Air travel you can transfer to AA, Delta, Alaska ect which covers most U.S. Destinations. And that works for me.
  10. Yeah I finally realized it isn't worth it... even considering downgrading from INK Plus ^ Both of you should send your cards back to Chase! They can have it. 1K UR points costs $6.95. 6.95/1000 = .00695 (Staples cards) 500 SPG points cost $3.95. 3.95/500 = .0079 (Simon mall cards) 500 SPG can transfer to SW at a rate of 1.25 if you transfer 20k SPG By my logic 625 SPG points cost $3.95. 3.95/625 = .00635 Just slightly less expensive as Staples $200 cards. Oh and SPG has unlimited earning potential unlike Ink.
  11. I've stopped buying Staples or OD $200 cards unless there is a promotion. I still use Ink to pay my cable and cell phone for 5x UR but that is about it.
  12. UPS dropped off 4k at my house and didn't even knock the door or ring the bell (we were home). Sat on my front porch all night. You have My Choice? I believe the reports are suggesting anything above 4k requires signature. Technically speaking, it should be delivered by 10.30a. Mine has always been delivered to the office by about 10a in the morning, signed, and sorted internally to me. Correct on all. I use UPS my choice and I always know when my AmEx Gift cards will be delivered. That's the best method for AmEx gift cards.
  13. Awesome, looks like limits above $20k are possible. Thats what I'm gunning for.
  14. http://cdn.hotstockmarket.com/e/eb/239x294px-ebb22674_not-sure-if-serious.jpg
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