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  1. So if you haven't noticed yet .... and you have added trades like Hutton Chase to your credit file... A July glitch has left your Transunion Credit profile saying that "A Bankcard Account Has Been Removed" ... for some this means the average age of accounts, utilization, and other things are affected leaving you with a score decrease!!!! That's right the accounts of many have been deleted from your file!!! And thus far there seems to be nothing you can do but wait for a solution which will not be overnight!!!! GOSH!!! for lack of better words...
  2. Hey guys long time no chat! So a burning question here... I have a couple of current working capital loans, 25k PP Working cap, and 16k Kabbage. All paid as agreed and lots of successful cap. loans with Paypal working capital over the years. Business is growing fast and we need more staff which means more tools, equip, etc. we are new with Kabbage so we did not get exactly what was needed, thus we need to gain access to additonal funding for a few months. Are multiple loans possible? Any reccomendations as to who does not frown of this or pays little attention to the other two if they even see them at all? Thanks for your feed back !!!
  3. Try adding a quick trade may help generate score fast such as Hutton Chase or fingerhut Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So some wise employee decided to change my birthdate and name .... While updating my personal info with all the credentials right in front of 'em! File found lol! Amazing ... now an account that I have had for over 4 years is reporting as a new account imagine that! Score jumped but scared of what the heck is coming next ...
  5. The idea of a fresh start is awesome lol, but i don't think I want it this fresh
  6. So I have been cleaning and building so I was checking on why Myfico couldn't pull my report and am currently on the line with EQ and they can't find my file???? !!!! WHAT To do?
  7. Yes the gentleman I talk to was all etiquette perfect like being in booth making confession lol, then I received the no way letter.. gave up was all blue.. and then another letter came with the removal ... I hear they can be something. But hope it works out ...
  8. Thats awesome...!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Good luck.. its a bit of a chore getting back to them after missing a call they have some sort of extension and pin number to call back ... I hope it all goes well!
  10. That's exactly how I felt Konrad lol ... Now if I can just get a CLI from Nfcu I would be pleased ... small SL, two denials for increase with score improvements across the board, although they are still low ...
  11. Thanks, yes that was a major factor for me to continue to push at the removal.
  12. Thanks .. my heels may have slowed me down in finding it lol... but Im glad I did!
  13. Been wondering if it was still possible and I found that anything is possible with a bit of persistence and followup... I had a late pay in February of 2017 reporting on my CapOne QS Card, due to an unexpected series of family matters I lost track of things or should I say family took priority! So I called asked for a goodwill removal, rep seem to understand and put in some sort of request she said but nothing happened. Wrote a goodwill letter, still nothing! So finally came across EO (executive office email) sent email regarding this matter and also inquiry on a cli, I started with the increase issue first then on to the late pay the only one on the account over the last two years and received a call back from the EO the next day. Had a casual conversation and the gentleman said he would look into getting the late pay removed after a few questions. This was on 12/19'ish ... I received a letter in January around the 3rd stating that the account was reporting accurately and could not be adjusted ... Looked at my CRA's and noticed the account was reporting never late and current! Received another letter today dated 1/8 stating that the account has been updated and the late payment was removed from all CRA's with a reference number for the CRA's if I should need it !!!! If someone needs this info IM me .. but please don't abuse it!!! We need things like this on our side!
  14. Geez, I sent mine at 4:16 pm Jan. 3, 2018 and still no response. Bummer. Hoping for some good news soon. Got the app from the TBC site so fingers crossed.Maybe a holiday thing... should be any day wout i uld u like a number for status? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Was going to ask but I just received an email giving me that temp $750 CL. Good to go! Just 2 questions. Do they do a quick turnaround to determine final CL? Secondly, is this a revolving CL?Hi they were not fast with the permanent line for me.. about 3 weeks I didn't bother calling though - received a welcome call and later a welcome email my permanent line was the same I don't have locations near me so wasn't too worried and no it is not revolving it's a net term account the will give you term info. Be warned that Midas and big o are not in their network anymore.. I ended up with an account with a local big o after work was done and they didn't know who ntb was lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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