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  1. I had an offer from them a while back to change my existing no rewards Platinum Plus with a $5000 into a Signature. I didn't know much about credit at that point and ignored it, but it is something that happens. That was a specific offer from them with no prompting on my part to change my card, though, not an offer for a new card. I probably hadn't used that card for several months after a period of using it regularly for a long time, so maybe that convinced them to try to upgrade me.
  2. I'm happy with my Hyatt card so far. I managed to get them to waive the annual fee for the first year, and I'll be using one of my free nights at a 5-star hotel soon. I haven't been using the card as much as I thought I would overall, but that's mostly because my wife's Forward has been getting a lot of use recently. This one will be great for when we need the chip. The limit they gave me was 30% of my annual income, so I'm happy with that too.
  3. In my opinion, the no annual fee 1.5% Capital One card is worth it. I wouldn't bother with the one with the $39 annual fee. My experiences with Capital One haven't been bad, and they make it easy to claim rewards. In some ways, I have liked associating with them more than with Citi, Chase, or Bank of America.
  4. Data point: Citi reports a 710 Equifax with two AU accounts and two inquiries.
  5. Mostly resistance to having to pay for it, on her part; and also the idea that it's a line you'll end up cutting in the future. She was also upset at Citi initially because with the money she has in the bank with them, she didn't understand why they would see her as a risk. Of course, having money in a savings account and having money backing up a secured card isn't really that different. But she's not used to this sort of banking system so she saw it as a trust issue. I think that now that my wife has two cards she will probably use those indefinitely and not try to switch products at all. We've managed to get her cards with no annual fees and good rewards, so in the end it definitely turned out better than going for the secured cards.
  6. Citi Forward also approved today. $5000 limit! Thanks to everyone!
  7. Up 14 to 801. My first 800 anywhere! But my Hyatt card isn't reporting yet, so I'm going to take another account age hit soon.
  8. Update: We put through two applications tonight after another Credit Sesame update. Results: Capital One Newcomers: Instant approval, $1000 credit limit! Citi Forward: 7-10 day message. Suppose we should call to check/negotiate... but she's very happy with one out of two so far! Looks like she's on the right road now, and it only took 4(!) applications...
  9. Interesting, but I assume they would have had the Blue Cash cards be charges to start out with if they wanted to go in that direction. What would be the advantage of the charge version over the current BCP? That is to say, when we have the option to PIF or not on Blue Cash cards now, what would they be willing to give in exchange for requiring a PIF? (I always PIF.)
  10. Well, in the short term this would still hurt my AAOA. I understand what you mean about how this could help going forward, though. Thanks. In part I was wondering if a product change would make the new card qualify for the 61 day rule. Or are you saying the 61 day rule only works on your first AMEX?
  11. I will be switching from BCE to BCP soon. When can I ask for a CLI after a product change with AMEX? Is it 61 days after the change, like with a new card? Only after six months with the new card? Or anytime once it has been six months since my last request on the BCE? I'd ask for a bump when doing the product change, but at that time it won't have been six months since my last request.
  12. Having just gotten my first approval from Chase, I am wondering this as well. I've heard that they are usually stingy when you request your own CLI, but are fairly generous when it comes to automatic increases. But that info mostly comes from discussions of non-Signature cards like Slate and Freedom, so I'm interested in the experiences of others here on Chase Visa Sig cards and CLIs.
  13. AMEX is still for me because the BCE and BCP get me more cash back on necessary purchases than all of the other cards. It has much higher acceptance than Discover in my area. I think more than one in a million people enjoy the backdating, although it doesn't help me at all. If AMEX helps your score go up and you get a better rate on your mortgage, that will be worth a lot more than the peanuts you get back in cash rewards on these cards. I wouldn't pay for the platinum or the gold, and I'm not wealthy and successful. But AMEX has made helpful products available to me. I'm not going to fault them for putting a cap on the BCP rewards if people are loading up on gift cards. (Another thing that wealthy and successful people don't really need to do.)

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