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  1. The tickets are for a few parking tickets. Probably $40 each. That's terrible that you had to do that much to have them removed. Some of the older posts make it seem like AllianceOne would remove them. Honestly if there's no SOL couldn't a ticket like this be permanently on someone's record?
  2. I've got a few parking tickets. Sadly, the cities sends them to collection in spite of there being a law stopping people from registering their car or getting a license. Anyways, I'm wondering what I should do with them. They're with AllianceOne which I'm told will remove them when paid, but no guarantees obviously. I don't think any of the CA's have my accurate address if that helps. I really don't have many bills or any debt. Anyone have any ideas of what I should do here? I have no problem paying the tickets. Just want this idiocy off of my credit report.
  3. I'm trying to get some old addresses off of my accounts at the CRAs. Is it ok to do this through the CRA websites or should I absolutely only do it via letter. It seems the former would speed things. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  4. I have two open accounts that I'm remedying with the WhyChat method. I do also have 3 hard pulls on my credit for what seems to be the credit reporting agency involved in these two items. Do they have any legal basis to be doing this? Is there any way I can get these 3 hard pulls off of my credit history? They seem to be doing them every 6 months. Several sites on the web list ways of doing this, but they all seem to require me to send a letter to the CA which seems to be besides the point and give them all of my personal information. There is one other from this past summer where I was looking at buying a car. Long story short, they were wireless routers and I didn't buy a car from them. Is there anything I can do to get this one removed? Does anyone have any guidance on what I can do here? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I was reading through the WhyChat method to get things off of my credit report. Does anyone know if I HAVE to remove old addresses for it to work? I destroyed my SS card years ago as I hadn't used it in years and I'm trying to avoid getting a new one. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  6. I'm working through sending out some letters from the Whychat method. I have a few questions about the format of the letters. First, why does the envelope have to be hand addressed? What does it matter what scans the envelope. In terms of the stationary, the process says that Personalized Stationary is required? Do i need to order paper with my name on the letter head or something? The sample given on the page is just a piece of white paper with a watermark added. I'm confused as to what I need to do here. I get why, but do I just need a letter written in word with purple italic font with a watermark? Any guidance anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. It turns out they're just a mess. There was an old street of mine listed in the credit report validation question. I'd obviously choose that one and it was a problem. I tried it tonight not using it and it worked. What a mess. Experian woudln't validate me through the annual credit report site, but when I paid them $10 magically the website found me. What a bunch of scumbags.
  8. Thanks for the information though I'm rather confused. What is a trade line? How is writing/calling any different from the information I'm supplying online? What is the best way to get these removed?
  9. Seriously? I'm not so sure I want to hand over all of my personal identifiable information to an agency like Wells Fargo. Those scumbags are a big part of the mortgage collapse in this country.
  10. I'm fixing up some credit issues. As part of that, I'm told that I need to get rid of old addresses and make sure only my current address is on the file. Is it ok to do this via my online account at each of the agencies or should I do it only by phone. Any ideas?
  11. I'm doing some credit cleanup. The instructions say to call them CRA's and have my old addresses removed. I have an account with each. Is it ok to remove them and give them my new address online or do I have to call them to do this? Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Is there a good reason you need a Macy's card? Most merchant cards are pretty horrible.
  13. I have a letter to write that uses the template below. The late entry there is where you make reference to items on your specific credit report. That is a specific report number. I ordered an online report from Experian and they did not give me a credit number on there. Am I missing something on there? Dear CRA,My name is xxxxx xxxxxx , my SS # is xxx xx xxxx.I am sending this dispute certified mail # xxxx to make sure you receive it.I have no knowledge or records of the following account(s) on my report # xxxxx.

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