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  1. i already disputed the account with all three cras but they came back verified. I need to respond to cap one soon because they want me to call to make payment arrangements but I already paid.
  2. So I sent Capone a validation and they sent back statements supposedly showing the debt is mine. The real problem is they obtained a judgement against me which I paid in full (have the paperwork to prove that) but they are now saying I owe $800 on this account. Where do i go from here? keep disputed as not mine to them or write them and say hey i paid that with copies of the satisfation of judgement. If I prove to them the account is paid does that hurt my chances of the getting the judgement removed. also the judgement was filed while i was not living in the state so I may try to get it vacated.
  3. Actually, cap one bought another deliquent accout of mine and offered me a new cc inital credit limit would be 0 and as i pay down the balance I would increase my cl. I didn't see this as bad bc i wanted to pay the old balance off in small increments and I was able to have a cc again. BTW the old balance was treated as a balance transfer @ 0% apr and new purchases would be 9.9%. the old account reads paid collection on my cr and the new one looks like a new cc (that is maxed) but I was able to pay down in less thena a year. so- no re-aging on old account jsut a brand new one.
  4. Believe me they are probably not done with you yet. Beware their wonderful offer of a new card that they will put your past due balance on and then as you pay the old account down they will raise your cl blah, blah, blah. Many have fallen for that. If it is past sol, the only way you can really get hurt, I believe, is if you want a house and the c/o is unpaid, or they can trick you. Just don't relax too much. They are like a snake. I believe if people can pay their bills they should, but C.One is a sleasy company. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have done the whole new account thing with cap 1 and it worked out. what is so terrible with it?
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    Thanks for the repsonses. How can I go about looking for one of these? Should I find a good broker and tell him what I need? I don't want to use the same broker she did because I am buying in another state.
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    My friend bought a hosue a year ago. Now that I am looking at houses myself, I find myself asking her a lot of questions about her mortgage. She says that her financed 95% of the purchse price and she did NOT pay PMI. Is this possible? Everything that I have read is saying that less then 20% down payment = PMI or piggyback loans. She has never ever herd of PMI or piggyback loans. What am I missing?
  7. After letting Lexington Law screw up my disputes for the last 3 months, I have finally decided to take matters into my own hands but I have a few questions. Is it okay to call the CRAs to get them to remove incorrect personal information? Is it okay to dispute inaccurate information with the CRAs at the same time that I requestion validations at the OCs and/or the CAs? I have already opted out and need to hurry and get this taken care of. Thanks
  8. I began using Lexington Law firm to help clean up my credit report. However after 3 months I think I am ready to take this on myself. How should I go about doing this? How do I find out what Lexington has already said to the CRAs regaring my accounts or does it matter? i am looking at my report that was pulled by a mortage company and there are still many things that cannot possibly be correct.

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