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  1. Sorry. I can't play that way. If I over think it I come out the loser. The plan was to get a card by Chase. Which one did not matter much to me. I did what I set out to do. Will that work for everyone? No, absolutely not. I'm not advising anyone to play my way.
  2. Not so much a need as a potential if I need to, and a gut feeling that said "this is the droid you are looking for."
  3. I was messing around with credit pulls to see if there was anyone that would play nicely with my new scores. Apparently we don't have many members from my state so I used MA which is geographically closer than NY and it looked like Chase pulled EQ. So I went looking for a pre-approval. Couldn't find one, but figured what the heck. All they can do is say no and I have less than 5 inquiries on EQ. They pulled TU! Best laid plans. Anyway, I was surprised and got approved for the Slate Edge card with a $3000 limit, my highest in pretty much forever. I'll stop now. This is two new cards in 2 months. That's enough until 2023.
  4. It finally posted to the CRAs. According to Myfico, Equifax jumped 25 points, Transunion jumped 15 and I've not seen anything yet from Experian. Nice! ETA: Across the board I've gained 100 points in 60 days
  5. I have a feeling it will be. They still don't have the website up and running. Personally, I wouldn't trust HSBC or their affiliates/partners with PotO's little 💩 emoji. Thirty years or so ago, I had a loan with them and they were just awful to work with. The branch I used would give me a hard time for making on-time payments. They couldn't charge fees if the payments were on time. I'd make payments days in advance and they wouldn't post until after the due date, and miraculously there was a fee! i truly dislike this institution.
  6. I don't have a lot of economic sense, but I saw this one coming. I started paying down debt about the time the gov't started "giving money away". I new what that was going to mean in the end. They wanted their money back!
  7. Gosh, I don't know. I can't see how they could accept anything else. Maybe your bank statement showing the checks/withdrawals to pay the rent? Conceivably you could write a letter on behalf of your landlord (to make things easy on him) that says you are in good standing with your rent and never late and ask him to sign it. Something like: To Whom It May Concern, As owner and landlord of 123 ABC Street, I am writing to inform you that Knight has been a tenant since Month in 20**. His rent has been on time and is current as of the date of this letter. His rent amount is $___ and this amount has never been late. Signed, Your Landlord And thinking as I typed all that, call the bank and see what it is they will accept.
  8. The biggest problem with delivery is the fee. I'll send the husband in there next time he is down that way. I'll tell him you said to buy something. 😘
  9. Yes, talking at cross purposes. I am thinking a bit of extra to build and you are thinking hack. However, I do understand what you are saying. As for the store cards, I'll leave them alone. The only one I don't use is the Home Depot card. HD is 115 miles away.
  10. Skimming is when they get your information at the POS with a fake POS or some other fake reader. This is usually done at gas station pumps and ATMs. At ATMs the fake reader is used in conjunction with a small camera so your PIN can be collected also. To get information off the mag strip one has to insert the mag strip into some sort of reader. There is also a type of cloning called shimmer, similar to skimming. Instead of fitting a device over the existing legit card reader, a piece of tech is placed inside the existing legit card reader and it grabs your information. I think what you are referring to is via the RFID chip. Those chips broadcast all day every day. All someone needs to do is bump into you with the proper type of tech. It takes no longer to transfer information than it does to tap to pay. My business debit card does not have tap to pay feature for this reason. My bank is a bit paranoid. There are several work arounds for this. Call your bank and see if you can get a card without the RFID chip. Use the card holder that you referenced. Pay with cash. Use a gift card for restaurants where they insist on removing your card from your line of sight. As for an ID badge with an RFID chip imbedded, put it in a card holder that blocks the tech. Keep in mind that in all cases (as far as I am aware) there has to be some sort of contact with the card. One cannot simply grab info out of the aether. So you should be okay taking your card out while standing next to someone in line at the market.
  11. I'm no kind of trend-setter. I've been telling people for months to start paying off their debt because the inflation is coming. So I have almost all of my debt paid off and everyone else is going into debt. *Sigh* I guess I'll never be an internet influencer.
  12. Or how little they know of basic math.
  13. So these things hegemony is posting are actual people and actual loans? Holy!
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