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  1. I've had a Platinum Card and a Blue since 2005. I've used the card the same way every month of every year. I get hit with FR's once or twice a year. Every time my cards are put on hold for about 10 days. Very annoying. Every time I send my info it is exactly the same, but yet it still happens.. When I was on Vacation in Disney(Florida) getting a replacement card (I lost mine at the airport, no unauthorized charges or even attempts they said), the man next to me was getting one also. They called him and told him to get one. He told me that someone used his Amex for $30,000 a few weeks before and that AMEX told him about it, and he didn't even know it, and that it has happened to him before. His card was never even frozen. I asked hime if he ever had to do a FR and he said never.. The day I got home.... FR..... LOL

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